Ca’ D’Oro

After getting off at this vaporetto stop many times, and seeing the beauty of the courtyard as I passed it to get to Cannaregio, I finally decided to visit the Ca’ D’Oro museum.

Photos are not permitted, except on the ground floor, so I can only show you a little of this place. I also took a few from the upper floor windows.

This courtyard is subject to the acqua alta

Well head from 1427, made of red marble from Verona

Detail of the carving in the marble of the well head

The courtyard floor has a combination of herring bone paving, and mosaics

Envy is a sin, right?

Whose feet would have trod this staircase?

Cute little lions guarding a balcony



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13 responses to “Ca’ D’Oro

  1. Kathleen

    Yes – isn’t it lovely! I really liked it in there, it doesn’t get a good write up generally, but I loved it. Especially out on the balconies!


  2. Lynda

    How beautiful those floors! I just love your photos.
    Weren’t you happy to get back to your beautiful flowers, mango trees, tropical grasses, and your brightly painted home?
    Voting day here in Canada – wonder who will reign after tonight……


    • Hi, Lynda. You’ll have to get back to Venice, to see what we missed the first time.

      Home …. dust, mould, weeds. I’ll have to check the news to see who is going to govern you! 🙂


  3. Hi, Michelle

    How many times must you have walked past there? The museum is interesting, also. Next time, I won’t wait until the second last day to make a visit.


  4. Dear Maite

    Where will you be staying? Will you be meeting our nice friend Fausto? How long will you be there?

    Buona giornata a te!


  5. Michelle

    PS:I love the little arch under the stairs too. Hmm, maybe a little dog house…for a very large dog. Just imagining the reason for that opening under the stairs.


  6. Michelle

    How gorgeous! Especially as it is my second favorite vaporetto stop. San Marcuola being the first…my home away from home on my visits so far.
    Yes, that is one place I will have to visit on the next trip.
    Keep those archives coming as I’m sure you have many pictures and intersting information you have as yet to share.


  7. Quel lieu magnifique ; demain je dormirai à quelques pas de la Ca d’Oro ; buona giornata, a presto !


  8. Well, archival material is going to make alot of us very happy! Will send ya the sauce recipe….but I may want to tweak it a bit more…so keep sipping your reds!


  9. Until something startling happens in Atherton, it’ll be archive material from me!

    I can smell your pasta sauce from here! xx


  10. Yeah! You’ve come home with more blogging material! What a joy to know that although you’re miles away ~~~~you are yet still in Venice!


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