Buongiorno! Here I am in sunny, downtown Atherton, but I have a few more experiences to share with you.

Barb and I walked into the northern part of Venice, so I could show her San Francesco della Vigna, and also that splendid graffiti you saw the other day. Barb spotted another piece of graffiti, also done on paper.

Just who does this splendid non destructive graffiti?

Barb and I have each seen another of these picture frames, also done on paper. It is so tempting to do as they ask, but we’ve all been victims of viral attacks, so hesitate to send our photos to the people who left their request. Pity, really.

On Fondamenta Nove, we were privy to the method by which fuel for motorised boats reaches the petrol bowsers (gas pumps, the rest of the world?). We hoped that barge would not tip over!

The unleaded patrol was about 1,50 euro/liter



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8 responses to “Sunday!

  1. NO NO NO, you cannot be home already????? I’ve been busy and was coming here today to see what you are doing and what have you discovered and I discover this *** I like you being in Venice šŸ˜¦


    • Hi, Giannetta!! I like me being in Venice, also! How are you, gorgeous girl? It was so nice to finally meet Jeff, who was the one who got us out of our chairs, pushing the buy buttons! Take care. šŸ™‚


  2. Hi When did you get home? I will have to look for those graffiti pictures the next time we’re there.


  3. Hi, all. I just found out who does this graffiti. It’s a pair of street artists from France. They did the rhino one, and the one Barb spotted, also, plus some we completely missed. I’ll be looking for them next time!


  4. Brian

    Benritorno! It won’t be long before you’re back.


  5. djones47

    Again, I have to say, I love the graffiti.


  6. Michelle

    Grazie for those final pictures.
    Although we complain here because in many places our “petrol” is about $4 a gallon ….at Venice prices that would be somewhere around $8 a gallon…and that is a very rough calculation…probably between $8 and $10!
    That’s me trying to translate litres to ounces to gallons….without the help of my handy dandy chart.


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