Here’s the king of graffiti, a veritable panorama. A  triptych, with hidden symbolism and artistic excellence, not to mention licence!


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8 responses to “graf-fi-ti

  1. Steven

    I love your pics of the works and I think I know who/what is behind them. They decorate the facade of Laboratorio Morion, a progressive political/social/art/performance space opened in October 2010. I have been wanting to go there ever since I happened upon one of their flyers at the Accademia vaporetto stop advertising a night of Sicilian music and food a little more than a month ago. (Alas, I didn’t make it.) I wasn’t sure where it was but based upon the flyers I’ve seen, what I’ve found out about it on the web, what I’ve heard about it, and pics such as yours, only recently put together exactly where it is. (Which also explained some photo-journalistic reproductions of war in the Middle East that I happened upon in a box of stuff to be recycled right outside of what I only now realize is the Laboratorio. Really interesting stuff, but I was with my son and they were not images intended for kids.) I have heard they have a different themed music/food night every Friday (such as the Sicilian one), and I’m determined to make one very soon.


    • Oh, it’s so satisfying to have pieces fall into place! Steven I might have to check out the Laboratorio, and see if it’s suitable for my age group!

      Thank you so much for your interesting comment.

      (For those interested, it is to be found in the Salizida San Francesco della Vigna)


  2. djones47

    Wow! I love the one with the horse. Angst or not, it’s good stuff.


  3. Perhaps this is an allegorical representation of the angst of those who love Venice and have to leave it soon? Either that or people struggling and/or agreeing about where the thing is located.


  4. Michelle

    I think we need to send our Seattle “artists” for some lessons!
    I probably wouldn’t mind that type of picture on the wall or fence…reminds me of some frescoes I’ve seen.


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