Today’s planned excursion was to the island of Sant’Erasmo, which is one of the market garden areas for Venice. We took a vaporetto to Ca’ D’Oro, then walked to Fondamenta Nove, to catch #13 to the island. It was blissfully easy to find a seat on this vaporetto. When we got off at Capannone, our fellow passengers dispersed via various methods of travel:ย ย pushbikes, scooters, small cars and the delightful Ape 3 wheeled vehicles. (I want to ride in one of them).

We walked a lot, and never did get to the Forte S Erasmo, due to some directional difficulties suffered by the guide. (That would be me!)

It was a peaceful experience, with only the sounds of ducks, roosters and scooters breaking the silence.

Which way?

Venice from afar

If you happen to like artichokes, there were fields of the little blighters

What is an "arzere"?

Home designed pigeon discouragers

Waiting and waiting, for the #13, Sant'Erasmo



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20 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Andrew

    P.S. Don’t Venetophiles all seem nice people if a little bonkers.


  2. Andrew

    If only Yvonne. I love our city so much and still get upset when we have to return to the UK. But have you seen the price of property? We may, in the future, rent out of season for two or three months and invite friends and acquaintances to stay for a small fee to cover costs. I have brought several groups before and they have also fallen in love with the place. It is becoming an expensive city though, especially eating out.


  3. Andrew

    Thanks Fausto. I spent some time on Google trying to find it. The Venetians do like their Zs don’t they?


  4. Darlene Jones

    Venice from afar does not look like Venice at all.


  5. Brian

    I’ve never seen a growing artichoke before. I’m scheming to spend more time in Venice next year, if all goes well. I’m taking notes…


  6. Michelle

    I am definitely going to miss my daily “Venice fix” when you leave our beloved Venezia dear friend.


  7. Lynda

    I remember San Erasamo…..so peaceful…..

    So sad to think that our virtual tour of Venice (through your camera’s lens, and your informative interesting posts) and surroundings is coming to an end….all of your blog followers will certainly miss journeying with you.


  8. That would make sense, Fausto. Thank you! And, yes ’embankment’ in English would be correct.

    I enjoyed my prowl in Castello again, this morning.


  9. “Arzere” means “argine” in Italian (a protection against water). Is it “embankment” in English?


  10. Barb

    No, no Yvonne! I choose to think we did not have “directional difficulties”! I believe that we just needed a respite from the the masses of holiday visitors who had descended on Venezia over the week-end, so we purposely chose to wander aimlessly amongst the peaceful fields and nature that is Sant’Erasmo. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And besides, I am quite certain I was the first to suggest “Let’s take this path”… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  11. It was a lovely day for walking on the island. We fell onto our lunches back in Venice, with glad cries!


  12. Michelle

    I do love artichokes. Getting to be the season for them here finally.
    We actually get them year round but they are besthere in the spring. We get mostly the green “globe” ones…not the lovely small purple ones you can get there that you can put in a bouquet and they look like tulips.
    Looks like a lovely day for a dander as our friend Kathleen would say.


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