Barb and I had decided to go to Mazzorbo for the Easter Mass at Santa Caterina. It turned out to be a good decision.

The original church dates from 783, but little, if any, remains of that structure. This link will take you to a site (in Italian), with the history, and some photos.

Or, go to this excellent site, and follow the link to Mazzorbo: Santa Caterina

We took the DM vaporetto from Piazzale Roma to Murano, and then changed to the LN for the ride to Mazzorbo. It was quite early, and the vaporetti were quite uncrowded.

The church wasn’t open when we got there, so we went for a walk which took us into the cemetery. We were impressed with the love and care people give to the graves of their loved ones. There were many people in the cemetery, cleaning the gravestones and refreshing flowers.

After the mass, we walked down the fondamenta to have lunch at a most pleasant canal side trattoria. No prize for guessing that it was very good.

I chose pork, Barb had veal

We went around to the vaporetto stop for Torcello. This time, with the help of Barb, I didn’t get squeezed to the back of the crowd. It’s amazing how the many people who were on the ferry dispersed so quickly once we got off at Torcello.

We walked into the area to the left and behind the churches, and found some interesting sculptures in a vineyard. We did wish there had been someone around to explain the provenance of some of the pieces.

On the way back to the vaporetto, I made a donation to help feed the cats of Mazzorbo.

Past the newly restored Ponte del Diavolo, and our excursion is nearly done.



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12 responses to “Sunday

  1. Bonjour, je découvre votre blog ce matin, j’y retournerai avec plaisir…A presto !


  2. Michelle

    I agree about how good you look…both of you…and now I need a certified copy of Barb’s birth certificate too. She can’t be nearly as old as she claims.
    Ah hah…maybe it’s not just being a lover of Venice as I was beginning to think….it’s the Spritz! I need to take up drinking.


  3. djones47

    You look awesome!!! And your pictures are always a delight.


  4. Michelle

    Okay, you two have to plan some time there with me in December 2012. Yes, it will be cold Barb but not as cold as where you live and a bit drier than where I live.
    Yvonne lives in the tropics so…dress warm…in layers.


  5. It’s been lovely having Barb here. She’s always ready for an adventure or a spritz, not always in that order! 🙂


  6. Well it sounds like you too have a great time. Wish I could have been there with you both….


  7. All enquiries can be directed to my agent Barb. She gets 25%, which is fair enough, she has to do the admin work! (So far, 25% of nothing= ???)


  8. Barb

    It was indeed, a very nice day. While I’ve made several trips to Venice and feel quite familiar here, Yvonne has done a great job of planning some fun mini-day trips for us and continues to point out new and interesting things. She has a keen eye to go along with her wonderful sense of humor. I really think someone needs to hire her as a Venice tour guide!!!! 🙂


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