My feet took me to some good places today. I finally located, and found open, San Giovanni Elemosinario. What a little gem of a place. In my usual fashion, as I asked a nice couple if they knew where it was, they pointed out that it was almost directly behind me.

There were 2 traghetti operating at the Ca’ D’Oro crossing, they were doing a roaring trade, with long queues (yes, orderly lines) at each side.

In Cannaregio, I used a road less travelled, and that turned out to be a lucky choice. On Fondamenta Sant’Andrea, I stumbled across Palazzo Albrizzi, which had free admission to 2 art exhibitions, in a very pretty Palazzo. There are also musical performances held here. It might be worth checking out, if you’re in this part of town.

Outside the Palazzo, a slight contrast. The canal has been closed for renovation work on the walls, so it looked less than picturesque. (And, I have to admit, even as a devoted Venetophile, the sludge at the bottom of the canal was emitting an interesting aroma!)

And, for the graffiti followers in the crowd, here’s another that made use of the natural worn features of the wall.

Puzzle for today. Why were these flippers discarded? Whose were they? Where were they used?



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12 responses to “Saturday

  1. Oh, seeing the unromantic side of the canal makes me feel like I just discovered a particularly alluring man has smelly feet. Sorry you had to go through that, Bella. {But it’s good to have reality checks once in a while. I suppose. If one must.} I hope you enjoyed the gondolier race! And a belated Happy Easter to you…


  2. Love your walks….and the graffiti is marvelous!!
    When you described where they were located….was it the Rhino that is near the Zattere??
    I’ve been working on a series of collages based on photos I’ve taken in Venezia.
    I have a few posted on my blog:



    • Hi, Linda. The rhino is the one in Cannaregio. Thank you for the link to your blog .. I’m going to see the gondoliere race this morning, so I shall have a look later.


  3. Now that kind of graffiti I can live with….Happy Easter my friend.


  4. Michelle

    So glad you got to have your Easter outing. I’m looking forward to those pics.
    Lili sends purs.


  5. Kathleen

    Wow, Yvonne – that graffiti is wonderful (and the Rhino!) Can you remember where they are?

    Happy Easter and hope all well!!


    • Kathleen, turn onto the Fondamenta Savorgnan, when approaching the Guglie Bridge from the Ferrovia. Just before you get to bridge near the Crea stop, look to your left, and there it is a little down the Fondamenta. The other one was on my path to the BIlla shop on the Zattere, so somewhere between Fondamenta Foscarini and Billa!

      Barb and I spent Easter on Mazzorbo and Torcello .. lovely, not so crowded.


  6. I wish you a Happy Easter!


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