So, don’t drop that butt on the pavement, or in the water


I guess these folks don’t read any of the 4 languages on the sign

How about this graffiti! The artist used existing flaws on the side of the building to create this scene.

A lovely evening in Cannaregio


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19 responses to “Friday

  1. Andrew

    Look on Google images for Banksy. We’ve seen his work in Brooklyn, New York as well as the UK. I like the maid sweeping rubbish under the wall.


  2. Brian

    Banksy’s work is all over now, in New York, California, Utah, Alabama, New Orleans, Toronto, Detroit, some were in Melbourne, most in London and Bristol.


  3. Bert

    Drat! There, there, there!


  4. Bert

    My guess for the rhino is Fondamenta de la Crea.
    I think that Banksy’s work is mainly in London, but I have a notion that he hails from Bristol, so maybe there is some stuff ther.


  5. Hi, Bert. Where does Banksy do his work?


  6. Bert

    Banksy is a ‘street artist’ who has almost given graffiti a good name. His product can be very amusing, satirical, or sarcastic. Maybe even ironic.


  7. djones47

    That’s not graffiti – that’s amazing art!


  8. Michelle

    I don’t mind that kind of graffiti!
    And love the laundry in my favorite neighborhood.


  9. Brian

    These are great photos! So funny. “Be Greedy Sometimes” haha


  10. Andrew

    The graffiti gives Banksy a run for his money. Excellent.


  11. Barb

    Loved that rhino! You’ll have to tell me where it is so I can add it to my list of things to check out after you get on that plane and are headed back home! Are you sure you really have to go? We are all going to miss your wonderful photos!


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