Something for every taste


Every year at this time, just before Easter, the busy pedestrian walkway that is Strada Nuova is made even more difficult to navigate by the presence of many, many trading stalls. This morning, you could get through relatively easily, but I’m not going anywhere near here (nor Piazza San Marco) until next week.

Today, it was fun to amble through here, and see what a person could not live without. (Sorry about the dangling bits of grammar, there.)

Who could resist this kitchen gadget?

Barb spotted these legs wearing jaunty socks


 We both like these umbrellas

 Wouldn’t you like to have an umbrella with this design?

There are also stalls back in Campo Santa Margherita. Look what I spotted there! I didn’t buy it.



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8 responses to “Something for every taste

  1. It’s one of the prettiest umbrellas I’ve seen for awhile.


  2. The keyboard umbrella is stunning. And I detect a faint whiff of Burberry-inspiration in that checked number. And I think I’d be very tempted by those aqua scissors but would fear having them confiscated at the airport! Happy wandering, bella.


  3. oh I love markets ! so fun exploring them….that kind of shopping I like


  4. djones47

    What a fun way to shop.


  5. So, is this something special just for this week? Does it have to do with Easter? Thanks.


    • Hi, Jude

      I’ve been here for 3 Easters, and it has been here each time. It could be that the market appears at other times of year, of course.

      How is the divesting going?


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