Nice times

The other day, I visited Ca’ Foscari, part of the University of Venice, with Fausto. (see the Alloggi Barbaria link for good photos and comments). The Japanese Ambassador was making a visit to the Palazzo that morning, and there was a well organised table ready for the reception. Fausto tried, with no success, to have us included in the reception.

I wonder what they drank from these glasses?

Then, I went to see a small garden that had been financed and planted by the residents of a campo near Ca’ Foscari. Again, Fausto had written about this on his blog. It looks so pretty, and I laughed at the sign they had put up for all the university educated dogs of the neighbourhood.

They'll soon have to cut the grass .. with nail scissors, maybe.

Look up , doggy, look at the sign

What a cool entry to a home.

I had read about these gentlemen who help to control the gondolas as people get off and on, but this was the first time I had seen one. Does someone know the name of their trade?

Last night, I had dinner with Barb, at a most wonderful Osteria near her apartment.  As I walked home, I saw the full moon peeping through the clouds.



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12 responses to “Nice times

  1. That’s too bad I don’t know the Japanese Ambassador. :O(


  2. Bert

    They’re called ganzers (or ganzeri, I guess, as the plural of ‘ganzer’). I saw one in 1984. He wore a peaked hat that said ‘ganzer’ on the front.


    • Ah, thanks, Bert. I had never spotted one before.


    • Added explanation to the curiosity: the name is derived from the Venetian pronunciation of “hook” which is “ganso” (Italian “gancio”), since they use a rounded metal hook at the end of a long handle to hold the vessels steady during boarding and disembarking.
      They are more often found at the “stazi” where there are multiple gondolas, which makes it more worthwhile, since most of all they earn is through tips, so at the larger stazi, with more constant coming and going of clients, they have more possibilities.


  3. Lynda

    Progress in the city – awareness of dog poop – I thought everyone just closed their eyes to it and let the early morning sweepers do the clean up…..and planting gardens and trees – wonderful….


  4. djones47

    Wow, no wonder you love Venice – so many beautiful sites. As for the sign – clever!


  5. Isn’t it a great sign! Thanks for your kind comment on the photos.


  6. Michelle

    I laughed out loud at the “doggy scoop” sign. I know a lot of people who wish the dogs would scoop their own “doo”.
    Once again lovely pictures my friend.


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