My diet today

Breakfast beckons. Here's the milk and yoghurt for my cereal, and the panna (cream) for my coffee.

And, here's the sturdy Weetabix, to soak up that milk

And, the battered old stovetop espresso maker, doing its job

I must be feeling really well, or I am delerious. I actually bought a branzino (bass) here, and the young fellow cleaned and de-headed it for me. He told me to use rosemarino as the herb, so I went and bought some

Here's where the diet starts to fall apart. After a bit of ambling, that darn coffee smells so good, and, oh .. look at that yummy thing. Oh, well, I'll just walk a bit more after I eat this

Well, what do you know? Here I am outside La Diana. Better go in and say hello to everyone. Yes, I'll stay and have lunch. The tortelli were delicious, and I had a glass of prosecco to wash it down. Their bread is the best in Venice. Oh, I did leave the raddichio, as a show of restraint

Here are the makings for my evening meal. I may show you the finished product, if it turns out

It wasn't bad. But, I'm still not convinced this cooking thing is all it's cracked up to be.



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16 responses to “My diet today

  1. Lynda

    Wow, Yvonne, I’m impressed! You must be feeling better ! Of course, you could eat twice that much and not gain an ounce with all the walking and steps you do! OOOOOOO the fish and veggies looked yummy.


  2. Hi, Brian. Listen, just tell Omar at La Diana that Kathleen and I your mates, and you’ll be family! I lived near them 2 years in a row, and had many a nice meal there.


  3. Brian

    Oh, the food… Now I’m REALLY counting down the days. Let me see, the napkin says Bar Ai Nomboli and Kathleen also recommended La Diana…


  4. Hi, Kat. It’ll be dull going back to plain old Weetbix. I’ma gonna missa thata! And, their baked stuff smells so good, how would you resist?


  5. AliDa

    Where’s Licorice?


  6. Melissa

    Did the fish taste good? It certainly looks good! Tortelli looks fabulous, Diana looks like a great place to eat.

    Glad you showed restraint with that radicchio, that stuffs a killer on the waistline, I admire your willpower ;o) Now you can have an extra cake.


    • Hi, Melissa. The fish wasn’t bad. First, I had to figure out how to use the little counter-top oven, so that delayed things a tad. Good, I’ll have another brioche today!


  7. Katina Janakis

    mama mia!!! Buonissimo!

    What puts a smile on my face is how Italians add an ‘a’ to every word… Weetabix….. love it!! Hear it in Mario’s words every day!

    Don’t hold back Yvonne, eat all those yummy sweets with your coffee, just climb an extra bridge or walk an extra mile…..
    Divertiti xox


  8. Michelle Vaden

    Ah, you have more energy than me. Although I cook more there than at home I’m still not sure I would have the courage to try that fish. Oh, that’s right…I don’t cook fish at home either. I let someone else do it though.
    Looks lovely and I wish I was there too….


  9. That would be good fun. Too bad the Skype conversation with Bill dropped out, it was going well for awhile. 🙂


  10. djones47

    Wish I was there to “diet” with you!!!!


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