Due to public clamour (oh, OK, one request) here is how Licorice the Travelling Koala is spending his days. This, by the way, is an action shot of him. I needed a really fast shutter speed, so it wouldn’t be just a blur.

And, just so this post isn’t a total waste of effort, here is a currently popular colour for some houses in Venice. I quite like it.



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13 responses to “Addendum

  1. Lynda

    Is that really Venice in raspberry pink???? Love it!


  2. Anneli

    I love the action shot of Licorice! High shutter speed did the trick.


  3. Oh, your sweet Licorice reminds me of a beautiful steel blue one I brought home for my kitty to snuggle up to. She never went near it and in a stupid de-cluttering frenzy {I have them regularly} I gave it to a girlfriend. As soon as I handed him over, I knew I’d made a mistake but too late then, and she loved him so much, at least I can console myself he went to a good home. Sniff. Have a beautiful day, bella.


  4. Melissa, I’ve already had 2 liquirizia gelati, the only ones I’ve had. (Not a huge fan of gelato, truth be told.) Anyhow, don’t tell Licorice, please. So, if I have another, I’ll try to include the little pest.

    Darlene, Licorice has Slow Travel down to a fine art. He’s very easy to please.


  5. djones47

    Hey, quit picking on Licorice. He’s got the right idea about civilized living!!!


  6. Melissa

    Ok, Yvonne, I have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it!!

    I’d love to see a photo of you and Licorice, the “Travelling Koala”, enjoying a liquirizia (lee-kwee-REE-tzee-ah) A.K.A…Licorice gelato somewhere in beautiful Venice.

    It has always been my favourite flavour as a little kid in Oz and I loved it in Italy…a photo of you guys enjoying a gelato would be very cool!

    M x


  7. Michelle

    Those chemicals are worth it. When I lived in Grenada I had a mosquito net until three days before I moved and it was all packed up. Those mosquito coils (the old fashioned ones that you have to light with a match) were a life saver). I wonder if they will be biting in December?? Hmmm.
    Buon Viaggio, Barb. Oh, she’ll probably be on her way by now on the east coast.


    • The hot thingy seems to work well. December SHOULD be OK, but I’ve been bitten in February, when it was pretty darned cold.

      Barb is not at all far from me, that’ll make it easier, not getting lost in between.


  8. Or, non-sleep, as the case may be! 🙂 It’s a little cooler today, but pleasant for walking about.

    I had lots of bites the first couple of days, then plugged in the thing that gives off vapours (I don’t want to think of the chemicals), and no problems since.


  9. Barb

    I believe I recognize that bed from my stay at the same apartment 3 years ago. I hope those nasty mosquitoes are not biting Licorice. We were there in late May and they became a nuisance.
    Just 1 more sleep!!!!


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