I went to Castelfranco, and I saw

A small late 12 century walled city with a moat surrounding it, fed by a diversion from the Torrento Muson. 

The walled section is quite tiny


I walked around the walls, in a pleasant park. The trees dampened the noise of the cars, trucks and buses.

The clock tower is one entry into the walls

I didn't notice the graffiti until I was editing the photos

There was a huge market on, with fresh foods, clothing, kitchen ware .. you name it, they had it.

This looked and smelled so good

Grab a bargain

He had a mobile knife sharpening business

Any old port in a storm ...

And, finally, for you flower lovers



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11 responses to “I went to Castelfranco, and I saw

  1. djones47

    Makes me think of Old Town in Rhodes and the moat there.


  2. Katina Janakis

    Lovely Yvonne, grazie for sharing….
    I was thinking like Michelle, how lovely your sunny days look! But knitting/reading in your beautiful apartment there is not a bad alternative 🙂


  3. Aha! But the weather has turned nasty, strong easterly wind, raining, the shutters were crashing like crazy, so they’ve been fastened. Maybe tomorrow is that reading/knitting day again?


  4. Michelle

    How delightful to have these wonderful sunny days to explore!


  5. Hi, Bert. It’s that Settimana della Cultura thing in Italy. But, I’ve yet to find a bargain.

    Once to Castelfranco, maybe enough? But, I wanted to see those walls.


  6. Bert

    Why is it never free admission when I go to Castelfranco?
    True, I’ve only been once.
    My first two photos there were almost identical to yours, Yvonne.


  7. Oh, B the B, there was free admission into his museum .. it was like pearls before the swine with me going in. Sorry. 😦

    I’d better send you a photo from the Duomo, then.

    Oh, the kiddies had folded up their selling tents on Saturday when I went down to look for reading material for you. I’m a bad friend, all round, it seems.


  8. Brian

    The home of Giorgione, one of my heroes!


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