It must be difficult for young mothers and fathers here, bumping the strollers up and down the bridges. This parent has an addition to the stroller, for another child.

I was at the front of the crowd, waiting for the boat to Torcello. How in heck did I end up at the back of the crowd?

The following photos are from the Chiesa Santa Caterina, on Mazzorbo. This is where I hope Barb and I will be on Easter Sunday.


Lovely Madonna and Child


This millstone would grind exceedingly coarse

Do NOT drop one of these "clangers"

Original herringbone pavers in the church courtyard


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4 responses to “Miscellany

  1. The fleece lined boots will come in handy some days, for sure!
    The non-queue probably even happens in the usually polite UK, with the no-seat assignment. Brings out the beast in us!


  2. Michelle

    I find it happens at the airport here in the states too. Especially certain airlines that don’t assign seats.
    But Yvonne, patience wins out and the proof is in the photos.
    I’ll be taking my fleece lined boots so I can visit Torcello in winter. Love the herringbone design.


  3. Andrew

    You ended up at the back because Italians ( and Venetians) have never learnt the subtle art of queuing, Yvonne. Always happens to us at the airport. Lovely pics as usual.


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