I did it, and I’m glad

Three years ago, I noticed a few posters around Venice, advertising some mysterious event called “Su e Zo per i Ponti” I didn’t think much about it, but when I saw posters again the following year, I had to find out what it was all about.

The Su e Zo per i Ponti is a 13km walk (or 6km for primary school children), that follows a looping course from Piazza San Marco through the sestieri, ending back at the Piazza about four hours later. There are 55 bridges to go up and down in this walk.

The walk really appealed to me, so when I found out it would take place while I was here this year, I thought “I want to do that.” A friend helped me to find a place to buy my ticket, and all I had to do was wait for April 10 to arrive.

The weather was benign, warm with a slight breeze. I arrived at the Piazza about 9:30 and soon saw many thousands of others waiting for the big event to begin. The band of the Carabiniere played, the three flags were raised in front of San Marco, flag waving and tossing displays kept us occupied, the noise level rose as more people joined the throng.

I was impressed with the organization of the event. It began promptly at 10, there were helpers along the way to keep us going in the right direction, we had 3 refreshment booths to keep our fluid and glucose levels high, there were checkpoints where our tickets were marked, to act as proof for the treasured medal that marks this 33rd walk.

I felt sorry for the locals and tourists who were trying to get through some of the narrow calle that we squeezed through, but everyone seemed to take it with good humour.

Did I enjoy it? You bet! Would I do it again? For sure!

Oh, no! A really big bridge

My prized medal



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23 responses to “I did it, and I’m glad

  1. jil mohr

    Yvonne looks like you are having the time of your life…I miss not being there for many reasons….one of which would be to offer you something to eat and drink….isn’t it wonderful to be able to pile up such great memories….Jil


  2. Bravissimo! So much for “just wandering around” in Venice. Yet, you saw many places and things that would not have been encountered otherwise, to go back and view at leisure! Oh, and we’ve signed you up for the “Walk Around Queensland”!


  3. Aperol later; rest, also later. I pulled up just fine today, to my surprise! Cheers, B the B. 🙂


  4. Brian

    Yea! Congratulations, Yvonne. Now take it easy and have an extra Aperol Spritz for me.


  5. Michelle

    Congratulations, my dear Yvonne! Wow, I am impressed!!!
    Yes, a wonderful memorie of Venice. You deserve a relaxing day today.


    • Heck, no. I’ve been out to Burano, Mazzorbo and Torcello. I noticed there’s a choral concert in San Pietro (Castello), so I’ll be there to listen this evening.


  6. Great job Yvonne. Wish I was with you to do the walk. I see you had a beautiful day for the event also. Even better.


  7. Barb

    Congratulations, Yvonne! One more wonderful Venice memory for you.
    And what fun to return home with a medal as one of the souvenirs of your trip.


  8. Andrew

    Well done Yvonne. Something to tick off your to do list.


  9. Katina Janakis

    Congratulations Yvonne!!
    Your days are filled with excitement and wonderful achievements! Bellisimo:-)

    It looks like the days are really warming up! I’m hoping to leave my coat behind, and finger’s crossed for sunny days!

    Ciao for now xxx


    • And, I get to see and hear my beloved Joy Singers at the Frari this Friday. Wow.

      It’s shirt sleeve weather right now. What a treat to have such low UV readings, unbelievable after our high ones. xx


  10. I’m happy the weather was benevolent for you, bella. Congratulations ~ what a lovely achievement, and a medal to boot. Woot!


  11. Melissa

    Congratulations, great job girl! x


  12. Well done, congratulations! It greatly pleases me to know that you enjoyed this walk. Can you imagine that I run the first “Su e Zo per i Ponti”?
    Have a beautiful day. Fausto


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