New entrepreneurs on Campo San Margherita

On this summer like day, dozens of young children were offering their unwanted books and toys for sale. Bargaining was hot and heavy.

This pistore looked like someone had given it a good polish.

Now, what in heck is a “Borgoloco”? It’s the first one I’ve noticed so far. I’m sure someone will be able to enlighten us.



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19 responses to “New entrepreneurs on Campo San Margherita

  1. Well, Andrew, you’ll just have to get over here to Venice, won’t you?


  2. Bert

    So you found out what the anti-piddle things are called! And that’s the one that looks like a mushroom.


    • There was a shiny lookalike around the corner, too. I think the mushroom one is in Dorsoduro, if my memory serves me right, and I haven’t laid eyes on it yet.


  3. Andrew

    Found it online Yvonne; Borgoloco means a village-like district.


  4. That’s funny, Michelle.

    There are so many French tourists here, as always. I’ll try Par avion on the next ones who ask directions.


  5. Michelle

    Anything to help us learn Italian! I try to speak Italian with one of my coworkers…of course since he is Mexican he responds in Spanish but he is very willing to help me practice…not so much the Hawaiian guy who insists on adressing me in very incorrect French.(ie…his latest when he sees me is to say “par avion”…he has no idea what it means).


  6. Brian

    Bwahahaha! I’ll hold my tongue.


  7. Italian, I mean. 🙂


  8. It’s so true, we need to use it, and that’s not easy when we get home.


  9. Brian

    Hmmm… maybe they are other comic books? Well, almost ANYTHING can help me at this point. My Italian starts to get a bit better (painfully slow) and then melts away.


  10. Brian

    Yes, please!


  11. Do you want me to get down there and bargain for you?


  12. Brian

    They were selling Tintin books! I want those! I wanted to order them to help me learn Italian!


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