Accademia Bridge is falling down, and other news updates!

I happened to notice the "saw dust", and discovered a nest of busy ants, chewing at the Accademia Bridge!

The door to the lawn bowls place was open today, so I went in

I found 3 lanes, covered with a heavy felt material

Then, I spotted the type of balls they use, and the big wine flagons they empty!

By this time, I heard many masculine voices coming from the bar area behind me, with the word “Signora” coming through loud and clear. Now, they know they have a friend from Australia.

I'm so excited. I was named Street Sweeper of the Day, by some of the blokes waiting for the barge to take away their rubbish.



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19 responses to “Accademia Bridge is falling down, and other news updates!

  1. Katina Janakis

    9 days bella!!
    Sono felice….. Can’t wait xox


  2. Not much longer for you and the family, Kat. The excitement must be growing! 🙂


  3. Katina Janakis

    Ciao Yvonne!!
    What a beautiful photo!! You’re looking good girl, and Venezia is really agreeing with you 🙂 It looks like you are finally rid of that dreadful cold.

    The bridge is a bit of a worry!!
    Enjoy your explorations… 🙂


  4. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne, well, we have had a bit of rain the last few days. Poor North Qld has been hit again, bit of flooding, no tsunamis or cyclones though, thank goodness.

    The weather is glorious here at the moment, that awful humidity has passed and the days are clear and cooler.

    You are up bright and early! Where are you off to today?


    • Today is the beginnig of the week where entry into certain state ( and other) buildings is free and/or accessible. So, I went to see what I could get into that I ordinarily couldn’t.


  5. djones47

    You look so damn good!!!!


  6. Melissa

    I agree Michelle! I think she is pulling our leg! Yvonne looks amazing and I love the longer hair.


  7. Michelle

    My friend Bill (that guy in Greece) and I have decided forget about Obama…we need to see two certified copies from different sources of Yvonne’s birth certificate to prove that she is really the age she claims to be.


  8. Hi, Brian the Bloke. That bowling place is in Dorsoduro. I reckon they’ve got a good social thing going there! 🙂

    Hi, Maxine. This blasted infection just won’t leave me. I’m taking a tonic, I’m eating oranges (blood) every day, I’m drinking lots of fluid …. aside from vino, I mean! Phooey! I’m glad you’re OK again. 🙂


  9. Love the Photo of you sweeping the street. You look good. Those carpenter ants don’t look good. I hope someone takes care of it soon. I like that wooden bridge. Better then the glass one….
    I assume that the cold has finally left? We are finally over ours…


  10. Brian

    You find all the places, don’t you? Bocciofila! I might be able to go to another rugby match in Prato in May, then perhaps I can add bowling to my sporting events when I’m in Venice in June. What neighborhood was this in?


  11. Hi, tutti

    I’ll have two city jobs now .. clean the streets in the morning, inspect bridges in the afternoon. They’ll have to give me citizenship now! 🙂


  12. Kathleen

    What a lovely photo, Yvonne!! Bet you made those fella’s day!

    And yes, that sawdust doesn’t look good. You do have a good eye. I think I must walk round with mine closed most of the time….


  13. Michelle

    Carpenter ants they are called…only they don’t build…they destroy. Hopefully the “authorities” have also noticed and are working on doing something about it….or maybe they want an excuse to replace the bride.
    And I agree….pretty darn attractive street sweeper.


  14. Yikes, those ants are a bit of a worry! And you’re the best looking street-sweeper around, Yvonne.


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