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Last night, I shared a few nice hours, spritz, pizza, red wine and talk, with Pierre (Venice Daily Photo), and Isa. It was so nice to meet this fellow whom so many of us admire. They’re staying just across the canal and down the street, at a hostel that used to be an Armenian monastery. Hidden behind its nondescript door is the most amazing building, and a garden that goes forever.

This morning, the meandering took me to the Banchina di San Basilio (Dorsoduro), and then into San Polo.

Pete, those paintings of the Stations of the Cross in the Chiesa di San Polo are just as you described, really gutsy and gripping. (Mel Gibson stuff.)

I found my way into the back of the area where Johnnnnny has bought an old Palazzo. There were workmen, not busy, working on the place. It’ll be awhile before Johnny can move in.

Here are a few photos of things that grabbed my attention.

This is part of a meridiana painted onto the pavement near the University grounds on Banchina di San Basilio. (I know one of you blokes will supply the correct term for this upright bit, with a hole for the sun to shine through.)


Carefully plotted onto the pavement, to fit the month, is the meridiana. It shows the correct time, where the sun shines through that hole in the previous part, and shines onto the plotted lines. Ingenious!


It was my lucky day. I found not one, but two double-decker pistore!

Here's the other one. If you're not sure what these pistore are, send 5 euro in a plain brown envelope, and I'll tell you!

I can't help it. Every time I see one of these, all I can see is a caricature face.

A young fellow collapsed on the street near the Fish Market. Bystanders gave first aid, someone called the Emergency mob. They arrived with this equipment to move him from the street to their Ambulance boat on the nearest canal.



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21 responses to “This and that

  1. I was thinking you’d have enjoyed that walk on Sunday; there were about 13,000 people (and dogs) taking part. I met folks from Venice, other cities in the Veneto, Bologna, not many tourists, I don’t think.

    Did you notice I have comments from 2 sisters-in-law on this post!? xx


  2. Lynda

    Catching up on your blog today – I love having a few to read all at once – it’s like going on a journey! Can’t believe you met Pierre – remember last year every man we saw with mega photo equipment, we wondering if it was the famous Pierre?
    It seems like you’ve been in Venice forever – and that 13 km walk-a-thon must have been fun…I would expect that you met many new Venetians on the walk – or was it mostly tourists?


  3. Thank you..thank you for your wonderful wanderings.
    I have some of the exact same images….so nice to share spaces with a lovely person!!


    • Hi, Linda

      I’ll take a look at your blog AFTER that Su e Zo per i Ponti. It’s not as hot as yesterday, thank goodness.

      There are so many lovely spaces to share here, eh?


  4. yvonne, no worry, I booked here, 99euro for a triple, good reviews,
    seems to have some character which is what I like, now if you happen to pass this one, have a look, seems to have a pretty garden, just one night tho 😦 better than nothing right ? 🙂


    • I did look at the one on Fondamenta de San Simeon Picolo, it’s right on the Grand Canal, just about opposite the train station. The one in San Marco is right near where I stayed the first week here, very handy for getting around. Have fun!


  5. you are the bomb!!! Here’s what I’m thinking for August….since we are staying in Florence for 7 nights and planned a daytrip to Venice so Sherry can see it (okay us too) we should do just one night at a cheapie rate… I’m plugging away… thank you yvonne !


  6. I would be delighted to do that for you, maybe domani. xx


  7. can u check out this for me if u are near it anytime?

    Hotel Airone – Venice
    Santa Croce 557 – Fondamenta de San Simeon Picolo – Venice


  8. Hi, Giannetta. It’s the Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael. The website is email is

    Single rooms with shared bath are about 30 euro/night



  9. yvonne what’s the name of that hostel?


  10. Hi, Normie! I’ll go and confirm you as a friend on Facebook. Who knew we’d be into all this stuff, eh? I’ll send Nicole a message, too. It’s been fun keeping in touch with Gay, too. Cheers. xx


  11. Norma Watson

    YVONNE : We have Glen’s daughter Nicole visiting tonight and we are looking at your activities: Her e-mail is ntoussaint – you should contact here – she would make you proud!! she is now just about 28 – on Apr 27. She just got me hooked up on facebook so I hope I can remember what I am supposed to do!!Love and best wished –Normie!!


  12. And, what a face, eh? xx


  13. Darlene Jones

    Definitely a face.


  14. Andrew

    The metal upright is a gnomon. I’ve seen many a pistore but had no idea what they were. Are they to encourage or discourage? Don’t be coy Yvonne – we can take a bit of earthy straight talking! I guess anything aimed is shot back onto your feet. Are they old?


    • Thanks for the gnomon, Andrew!!!! I knew they had some special name. Allora, you’ve heard of ‘splash back’? My lovely pistore will do that if you are caught short. I don’t know how old they are, Andrew. Hmm, would carbon dating work on them. Cheers from a happy person in Venice. 🙂


  15. Pierre took some photos with his “you-beaut” camera, so I don’t know if they’ll appear on VDP one day.

    I saw some nice cats again today, in San Polo. 🙂


  16. Michelle

    What! No pictures of Pierre and Isa???? Ah, well, perhaps they wish to remain annonymous.
    I, too, am really enjoying your posts. Almost like being there. Almost but not quite.
    Keep up the good work, dear friend.


  17. Oh, thank you, Maxine. I appreciate the feedback. Are you and Tom back to health again? I sure hope so. Poor Habib at La Diana has the same darned thing, he looked so sick when Jeff and I were there. xx


  18. Boy, I really enjoy your posts…just love the pics and comments…


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