In which I meet Jeff

The main mission for today was to meet Jeff, who is from the USA, and take him to la Diana for lunch. Jeff bears the responsibility for a number of us taking the plunge, and meeting for the very first time, in Rome, in 2009. We became the Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarves.

So, here’s what I saw and did on the way to the meeting place. 

These 3 young ladies are from Bristol University, and are here to take samples of canal water, for analysis back in Bristol. They were a bit lost in Dorsoduro, so I walked with them to the Rio Marin in Santa Croce.

These meringues were HUGE!

This is Attila, well known cat in Cannaregio


I walked with Jeff to the Ghetto, and was pleased to spy this doorway with old Roman numerals beside the modern numbers. But, the Roman numbers don't seem to match the modern ones. Trish .. help!

This is Jeff, well known traveller! I presented him with a red scarf, and made him an honourary Sister! We had a lovely lunch at La Diana.



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25 responses to “In which I meet Jeff

  1. Hi, Brenda. The weather is just wonderful, low to mid-20s at present.

    La Diana, they’ll treat you very well, just say I sent you! It’s on the Fondamenta della Misericordia, 2519, so it’s really close to your home.

    Hold on, 16 more sleeps? What date do you arrive? I’m here until late on the 29th .. will we meet after all?


  2. Brenda

    Loving all of your pictures and info. Where is La Diana, as you know I’m a VV (as kindly named by you) so if you eat there it must be good, so would like to try it. Only 16 sleeps now before before we leave Oz (can’t come soon enough) Take care.


  3. Hi, Shell. The cats have the right idea, don’t they? Yes, I’d say it was a historical (? hysterical) day for Jeff. 🙂


  4. Aww, dear Attila ~ that’s a lovely spot in the sun. I’m glad you had a lovely time with Jeff. And I’m guessing it’s the first time he’s received a red scarf and been made an honorary Sister all in the one day.


  5. Good morning Julie, Trish and Kat. How are you all today? Jeff, if you’re reading this, you’ve had your fashion tip for today! And, Kat, Mario must have his Italian citizenship????

    Poor Habib (the young fellow from Bangladesh) looked so ill yesterday, I think he has this darn whatever it was I had.


  6. Katina Janakis

    Oh…. and tell Jeff, he can tie his scarf on his bag handle….. That’s a cool way to wear it:-))


  7. Katina Janakis

    Lovely photo Yvonne, and finally have met the instigator!! You both look so happy, and I love your hair that length also!
    A Diana lunch…… ahhh brings back memories…… I will miss Venezia this trip, sighhhh….. I said to Mario, can we do it??? Sadly I think no, but may make it up to Florence for a day.

    I can become an Italian citizen!! I hope one day bella Italia will be a home for me too, and would love all my sisters and ‘bro’ to visit me!

    Divertiti and hugs for both of you xox


  8. Trish

    Looking good, Yvonne. Can’t help with the Roman numerals. Perhaps they changed the street numbering system at some point in history.


  9. jessybobss

    Lovely Yvonne … and yes you do look well, I told you before your hair looks really good that length. Nice to see Jeff too, I see you introduced him to Dianas, good call !!


  10. Darlene Jones

    You look awesome!!!!!


  11. Hi, Kathleen. No, I just saw Attila. Mind you, he was blocking the whole exit, so nothing could squeeze past him!

    Hmm, monkfish .. had it last year and this year, and I did NOT like it. (Not at Diana, I hasten to add). I had my old faithful, gnocchi con gorgonzola. Poor Habib is sick, sounds like the same thing that had me in its grip. Omar has lost weight, but looks good. 🙂

    Tell you what, Jeff has been smitten. Too bad his visit was shortened by the Genoa Gripe!

    Thank you for your kind words about the blog. My little netbook and poor internet connection drives me to drink. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


  12. Kathleen

    Hey, Yvonne – you saw Attila!! He looks like butter wouldn’t melt, doesn’t he? What a handsome boy! Did you see his girlfriend too? She’s really friendly – and a little bit scruffy if I’m honest, but a real sweetie and she loves a cuddle.

    You’re looking well, Yvonne, lovely photo! Did you try the monkfish this time? Hope everyone is well at Diana.

    Glad you met Jeff – I hope he’s enjoying his trip too. Isn’t this his first Venetian trip? What did he think? Fallen for her too?

    I love your blog, Y. Wish I was there with you. Sign me up for the houseboat too. Don’t forget girls, when my lotto win comes in, we’ll all have a place to stay!!


  13. LOLLLLL i love that, Lorenzo the lovelorn,


  14. Listen, I’ve seen Lorenzo the Lovelorn (remember him from 2009)? He’s still looking for the perfect woman. I’ll gladly act as go-between! He has the softest hands in the world, by the way. (Selling point number one.)


  15. Jeff must not like “red” on him than? 🙂


  16. I so loved it over there,


  17. can u find me a husband right quick so we can buy it ? LOL
    Fondamenta Della Sensa Cannaregio


  18. yeppers he’s a good guy! we would love to meet him in Italy, glad he’s better now, how’s my hotel? Ai Mori d’Oriente Hotel ? Yvonne let’s buy that house boat !!!!!!


  19. He said he’s well again, and did enjoy his lunch. It would be so good if he could meet you Sisters in Italy one day! He’s a really nice fellow. 🙂


  20. is he feeling all better now?


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