An “Aha!” moment

While lying awake the other night, solving the problems of the world, as one does, I got to thinking about the statue of the boy holding the frog, at the Dogana alla Salute.

Specifically, I wondered about the clear plastic case that covers him at night, and is removed at some stage of the day.

How do they move it on and off him? Where do they keep it when it’s not doing its security job.

Today, I found part of the answer.  The back section of the case is, in fact, a door. The casing is on big casters. So, open the door, and either roll the casing over him, or off him. What could be easier?

I guess they have a little room to store the case when it’s not doing guard duty. I’ve noticed that he is more often covered these days. Maybe the security guards got sick and tired of their boring duty, keeping us and our sticky fingers away from the lad.


The back portion of the casing is a door


And here are those rollers, or casters

Now, do you have a problem for me to solve in my spare time?




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6 responses to “An “Aha!” moment

  1. Hi, Mary

    Can you imagine a job as high in the boredom stakes as guarding the boy and frog?!


  2. Mary

    The boy with frog is, apparently, shortly to be removed after a campaign by local Venetians for the return of the traditional light that was there before the Dogana was restored.

    What I want to know is why the guards were so insistent on getting so close every time you tried to take a photo. There they’d be standing 2 or 3 metres away but as soon as you raised your camera, in they’d move! I’m sure it was because it was such a boring job. I have dozens of perfectly framed shots – with bits of guard intruding!


  3. Michelle

    I still want to know why most of the cat masks have musical notes on them?
    I’m sure someone in a mask shop( where they actually make them) would be able to answer that. Is it just a case of “copy” cat?
    I’m sure there are many other things I would love to know.


    • Michelle, I was, in fact, talking to someone in a mask shop today. He thought that the recurring theme of musical notes (not just on cat masks), reflects the fun and music of Carnevale. I thought that made sense. Also, I wondered if someone who really knows music could determine whether this is some of Vivaldi’s music on the masks.


  4. Barb

    “Now, do you have a problem for me to solve in my spare time?”

    Stand by, Yvonne, I’m sending you my list…..and it’s long!! 🙂


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