Sunday on Giudecca

Today, I spent about 5 hours just exploring part of Giudecca, which lies to the south of Venice. I walked from one end of this island to the other, soaking up the sun and scenery. I walked down as many calle as I could, to get into the hidden parts of Giudecca.

It’s so different, newer, more room, but maybe a little less character than the Venice we know and love. But, I could live there, if I was offered the chance.

I’m going to let WordPress do what it wants with the photos. Hover over them for a description, and click on them, if you want a larger image.

Just a couple of things before the photos. I found 2 very different places for accommodation on the Fondamenta facing Venice. They both have million dollar views, but are worlds apart in cost.

First is the Hostel Venezia, a converted granary. It might cost you about 25 euro/night. The second is a 16th century Palladio convent, the Hotel Bauer. Very luxurious, with an absolutely stunning ambience. This would cost you at least 500 euro/night. The concierge allowed me to walk through the ground floor, into the garden. Closest I’ll get to such luxury, unless I win a lottery.


A Danish couple have lived on this houseboat for 15 years. It's for sale, for 85,000 euro. Anyone want to go shares?



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26 responses to “Sunday on Giudecca

  1. If we could work out the legal angles, we could go shares, I reckon.


  2. oh I want to buy it too !!! ohhh so so cute,


  3. Katina Janakis

    85,000 Euro!!! I guess that is reasonable for Venezia ??!!

    JUST DO IT…..!!!!


  4. lynda

    Guidecca looks lovely ! Only your amazing photographer’s eye would capture 13 chimneys! Very cool. May I hook up with Sheila to run the floating cafe – I promise to let you clean up after us!


  5. Katina Janakis

    Beautiful Yvonne!!
    Lovely photos and a gorgeous day! Now….. love your plan, and you know you will constantly have a visitor from the South!

    Divertiti amica mia xox


  6. jessybobss

    p.s .. Sure thats not Trish at the ticket machine ? ???


  7. jessybobss

    lovely Yvonne !!! that houseboat is cute, looks like a converted vaporetto to me too..

    Love kitty reading the menu ? it is a menu right ?


    • Hi, Jules. That kitty was so cute, hopped up there, and put its nose on the menu, then licked it! I’ll have to have a closer look at the ticket buyer photo, Trish may have a twin over here.


  8. Michelle

    Sounds like Randy has spent some time with Ferenc Mate.


  9. I have a Venetian flag, just need a pilot’s hat and we could have luncheon tours on the Lagoon! — except for the pesky permits, I suppose. Wait – it’s Italy…we’re good to go!


  10. OK, let’s take these in turn!

    Kathie “my” houseboat would just go up and down with the tide. I didn’t get to ask about water, sewage, electricity, etc. Domani (tomorrow).

    Michelle, no, I reckon it’s a proper houseboat. Man, I kinda hate those good luck stories that don’t happen to us!

    Darnit, wouldn’t that be something! You could have it half the year, I’d have the other half. OK?

    Barb, BYO cooking skills, please. I’ll send you an email about a concert at the Goldoni, which happens the day after I leave. so, now we’re even!

    Sheila, I’d peel and chop the vegetables, wash the pots and pans, serve the customers with a smile, etc. You can do the cooking, and boss me around.


  11. Now that would make for a cute little floating cafe!



  12. Barb

    Yvonne, if you buy that houseboat, you’ll never lack for visitors! 🙂


  13. Darlene Jones

    Just now catching up on your blog. Love all the photos.
    The soaps in Mexico smell wonderful too.
    Love your appartment and the houseboat. Let’s win that lottery!!!


  14. Michelle

    OMD! That houseboat is a steal! Yvonne, you shoud do it! Sell up in Oz and live in Venice full time. You know you want to!
    It does look like a converted vaporetto.
    I’ll have to take a dander over there my next trip. I’ve been wanting to.
    And when I retire in 2013 and after I spend the following six months patiently waiting for my five year all clear from the Cancer Doc I’d love to put everything in storage give up my rented condo and spend a year in Italy. Would be nice to do it in Venice but unless I win the lottery…well, we all know how that goes. First you stand in line to buy a ticket then step aside because a Snickers bar has your name on it then step back and bingo…it’s the winning ticket.
    Okay for people who don’t live in the US or haven’t heard that’s just what happened with the Mega Millions a little over a week ago. It was an office pool of seven people and they will each get $19 million after taxes. We should be that lucky. I’m never passing up another opportunity for a candy bar;-)


  15. Kathie

    Lovely pictures and a gorgeous day too. How would the house boat fare during an altro aqua (high tides)? 85 Euro translates to $120,000 dollars? I’ve only been to Venice once and only for 5 days, now I HAVE to go back:^)


  16. Eloise

    I think you’re confused. The luxury hotel (in addition to the Hilton Molino Stucky) on Giudecca is the Cipriani. The Bauer is on the Grand Canal.


  17. That’s an enclosed elevator, there’s one on each side of this bridge. You press ( and hold) the button, and the elevator comes to take you up to or down from the flat part of the bridge, so you avoid the steps. I’ve never seen anyone use it, though.

    The house boat looked very cosy!


  18. what is that thing 9 photos down from the top? Love to buy a apt. don’t think I’d care for a house boat…


  19. Pat

    Beautiful photos! When I retire (after my Australia trip) I think I’ll spend a month in Venice…


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