Sunny Saturday morning

This drowsy cat deigned to yawn at me, and stretch a paw toward me. A lady who lives in the tiny corte said la gatta sleeps all day, then prowls all night. She sounded indulgently annoyed with the cat’s behaviour.



I liked the varied imagery of this iron work on a door.

Look, up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SuperRooster.



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7 responses to “Sunny Saturday morning

  1. Kirk

    it’s Bruiser!!!


  2. Oh, Jude, all I can say is it’s somewhere in Dorsoduro! If I see it again, I promise to record where it is!

    Barb, it’s finally getting closer. OK, I’ll spend some of my spritz allowance on good weather candles in the churches!


  3. Hi Yvonne! I’m enjoying your posts very much! I have to see the ironworks door in person! Where is it? I also bought Secret Venice on you pictorial reccomendation.


    • Barb

      Two weeks from today and I will be arriving in my favorite city.
      Please have that same beautiful blue sky waiting for me. It’s not so blue and beautiful in New England right now, and I am more than ready to “get out of Dodge!”


  4. Michelle

    My first full day in Venice in 2008 (my first time there) the walking tour/orientation took us right to that same door. I have a collection of door knocker pictures from that trip.
    Ah, cats will be cats.
    And a good way to find the house….look for the rooster on the roof.


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