Mi casa


If, by some miracle I should do some grocery shopping, I might invite you to dinner. I would get some of the fixings from the nearby supermarket.  


Supermarket? What supermarket?


Oh, this well advertised one?

 Now, you have to find your way to my place. Locate the Carmini Church, and stand with your back to it. Go over the bridge facing you, crossing the canal.

There, at the foot of the bridge, is the first door to gain access to my apartment.



The first door lets you into this inner courtyard


Then, you walk a little distance, past a soggy garden bed, and a well head.

Open a second door, and you will find a set of stairs ahead of you. Up you go.

One final door to unlock, and yet another set of stairs. Stop puffing!

Straight ahead of you is my compact kitchen

Oh, yes. Another set of stairs, to my bedroom

And, here is where I sit to read, knit and listen to music







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15 responses to “Mi casa

  1. Brian

    I seriously want to stay in this apartment. I want info from you, when you can, OK? That little living room with the fireplace looks fantastic. Is this the 800 euro/month place?


    • Hi, B the B. Sorry, this is NOT the 800 euro month (in winter) place. I have seen 3 places, 2 in Dorsoduro, one in Castello, for around the 800 euro/month range, from mid-November for 3 months. Trouble is, if I tell everyone about them, they may be rented by the time I get my return flight booked! 🙂


  2. Hi, Fausto. I just got back from 5 hours wandering all over Giudecca. What a lovely place. Now, I hope WordPress will behave so I can share some photos. (The fritella was very delicious, thank you!)


  3. Nice location and comfortable apartment (apart the stairs!), congratulations.
    Have a nice Sunday.


  4. Hi, Kat. At the end of a long day, after tramping through the city, those stairs don’t look very inviting! xxx


  5. Barb, 🙂

    Hi, Pat. The room with the fireplace looks out onto a large garden, quite a treat in this city.


    • Katina Janakis

      Oh I love this little journey and part of your life for this moment!!
      All those stairs means extra vino and a brioche or too. Well worth it in my book!
      Grazie amica mia xox


  6. Pat

    I don’t think I could handle all those stairs, but the room with the fireplace makes it worthwhile. Very nice!


  7. Trish

    You’re a better person than me for all those stairs! Looks like a real find though.


    • Hi, Trish. It’s in a great part of Dorsoduro, near Campo Santa Margherita. I found it through Slow Travel, and I think it was Barb who had mentioned it. Small world, eh?

      How are those eyes?


      • Barb

        OK..now I don’t know where to post another reply…decisions, decisions!
        I am disappointed that I will miss the Joy Singers by just one day…Darn!
        The red/orange chair is also great for doing crosswords and watching really bad BBC television. I saw the same fishing program every night for a week…..too lazy to get up from the red/orange chair and turn it off! 🙂


  8. So high up! I would think that you must be in a campanile except for the fine fireplace! So, is the new “Prix” very exclusive, or is there an opportunity for a good PR person to help them out?


    • It seems to be Prix’s way. They opened one in Cannaregio earlier this year. You’d have to know someone, to find it!

      The Joy Singers have a concert at the Frari, on the 15th, with the money going to Mali. I’ve got my ticket in my hot little hand!


  9. Barb

    So nice to see the Foscarina apartment again! Granddaughter Paige slept in the tiny loft area until some nasty mosquitos left her pretty face looking like she had a bad case of chicken pox! Beware that soggy garden patch…it may have been the breeding ground for those pesky biters.

    I enjoyed the proximity to Campo Santa Margherita where I went each day to “people watch” and have a Spritz or two! 🙂

    Hope each day finds you feeling better.


    • I’m having so many problems with the blog .. the images and text wander as they wish! I hope I can get a fix, this is getting tedious!

      Yes, the mosquitoes are out and hungry, I’ve got the little ‘heater’ set up to dispense bad vapours tonight!


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