Mi casa … apologies

I have contacted the friendly folks at WordPress, because my last post (Mi Casa) came out very scrambled! I haven’t got the enthusiasm to try again, so bear with me while I get things sorted.





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12 responses to “Mi casa … apologies

  1. Lynda, you’ll just have to come back one day! 🙂


  2. Lynda

    oooooooo, those stairs must be tough at the end of a 7 hr trekking over bridges day! But your apt and neighbourhood look lovely – all worth the stairs, I’m sure. I’m learning so much from your blog, and all the commentators. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


  3. I think I’ll have a Bex and a nice lie down!

    Verily, the last shall be first!


  4. Albert Hickson

    The photos are not in the right order on my PC, but they are not thoroughly jumbled either. There are ten photos. The last one (Supermarket? What supermarket?) should be first. The first should be second. The ninth should be third, the second should be fourth; then the eighth (with the garden and well-head) should be fifth). After that, they are in the correct order (I think).


  5. OK, then, I’ll stop losing sleep! 🙂


  6. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne,

    No probs here either, no wine for me and it all looks fantastic.


  7. I’m really puzzled, because the photos are not in the correct order when I look at the post. Strange.


  8. Michelle

    I’m already huffing and puffing! It came out right for me.
    I love the living room with the fireplace (even if you can’t light a fire) and reading/knitting chair.


  9. So, it seems I can stop worrying about what my red drinking friends see!?

    I tried a spritz with Campari tonight. Hey! I liked it.


  10. Brian

    I had a rosso and it looked fine to me. 😉


  11. I hope that’s what it is, Randy, but also strange! So, the post seemed all in order? When I looked, it was jumbled. Oh, well, let’s have another rosso, then. Cheers.


  12. The post came in “loud and clear” here! Perhaps someone is pulling an April Fools joke (WordPress has been playing with “Statistics” and adding “April Fools” to the balloon that announces daily hits and new post names).


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