Household rubbish is left in bags outside the door, usually from 7 to about 9 in the morning. Some people hang their bags from door handles, or from pieces of wire, like this:

This is to prevent scavengers such as rats, and seagulls from tearing the bags open, and scattering the rubbish everywhere.

I haven't yet seen a rat, but these seagulls are huge!



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6 responses to “Rubbish!

  1. there’s one more reason for hanging the rubbish bag on the door handle:
    acqua alta. ever seen floating rubbish bags during acqua alta? not pleasant nor pretty. it’s highly unlikely that the sacks you’ve photographed will float away.


  2. Michelle

    Ah, the other “rat with wings”!


  3. AliDa

    I love your blog….one minute you’re talking about Murano glass, the next rats and garbage.


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