San Michele

When you stand on the northern side of Venice, looking across the lagoon, you can clearly see Murano, home of the fornaces producing Murano glass. A wee bit closer, to the east, is another island. This is San Michele, the cemetery island, and my destination on a lovely spring day.

The number 42 vaporetto which stops at San Michele, gave us all a taste of what sardines feel like in their tins. It was a relief to be ejected somewhat like a cork leaving a bottle of prosecco, when we got there!

On the way, if you happen to be looking in the right direction, you will spot this sculpture ‘floating’ in the waters of the lagoon. Sara, daughter of Fausto (Alloggi Barbaria blog) told me that it is a memorial to a gondolier who was drowned in that area.

Cemetery is from a Greek word, which means sleeping place. The atmosphere on San Michele is very tranquil and peaceful, conducive to that final sleep.

Here are a few images from the morning.

I wonder if this was THE Doppler?

There are fresh flowers at many graves, and watering cans are provided all around the cemetery, to help families maintain the live plants.

In the children's section

I loved this gnarly old gate

This is who I was seeking, thanks to Bert. She is Sonia, a Russian, who was born in Russia 20-2-1885, and died in Venice 6-2-1907. Isn't she beautiful?

In the midst of death, there is life. These fellows were waiting outside the church, soaking up the sunshine while waiting to take Signora Antoinetta G., aged 92, to her final resting place.



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11 responses to “San Michele

  1. Hi, Lou

    How are things Down Under? Yes .. keep the coins going into that tin. Hi to Pete and the 2 important members of the family! 🙂


  2. Louise

    A great story Yvonne. You’ve really captured it and I can’t remember seeing Sonia. Make a note Pete……
    clink…. another coin in the tin 🙂


  3. And, September will be such a nice time of year, Sheila.

    So, B the B, now we add Wiki to your name??


  4. 😉 You will have to return the end of September, my friend!


  5. Brian

    Yeah, the top of my head is also called Wikipedia. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


  6. Hi, Barb. I’ll be happy to go back while you’re here!

    Brian, you’ve got some smarts on the top of your head. Thanks for confirming it was THE Doppler! By the way, my pace has been considerably slowed down this time!

    Michelle, maybe in December, the sardines won’t be packed quite so tightly in #42!

    Randy, why aren’t you and Sheila here right now, you could tell me so much about the history of places I’m seeing.


  7. Remembrance and respect again! Excellent visit to a special place. Thank you. Another death there was that of the church (and community) of San Cristoforo – a separate island joined to San Michele, its church (and community) demolished to expand the cemetery. Probably no monument for that loss.


  8. Brian

    Great photos. You really cover some ground. Are you sure you can’t be there the beginning of June to be a Tour Guide for me and my students?


  9. Michelle

    Another island I plan to visit during my extended stay in 2012. Your pictures are lovely, dear friend.
    Ciao, bella.


  10. Brian

    That is The Doppler. Although, there is a mess up of his name where the A is supposed to be his middle name- Andreas. Just knowledge off the top of my head (haha).


  11. Barb

    Yvonne, you continue to capture such wonderful photos. Now I have to return to San Michele to find the lovely Sonia. And, thanks to you, I finally know the meaning of the floating “memorial” which I’ve wondered about on each and every trip across the lagoon.


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