Nice things happened

I got to the train station on time, and bought my return ticket.

I've got a ticket to ride

An hour and a half later, I was in Bassano del Grappa, with some  drama en route as 3 young men without tickets were politely ejected by the conductor, at the next station.

My main mission was to go to the Civic Museum, to see some of Canova’s works. That man was a genius.

But, no photos are allowed inside, so you’ll have to look at these, from the cloister that forms the entry to the museum, and look online for reasons why I like his work.

In the driver's seat. I wonder how old this is?


A couple of stunning fresco fragments


And, now, the teaser. Why are my boots suddenly buried in snow? I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Before I leave you, meet this charming gent who was fishing in the canal in front of my apartment. He showed me his catch, about 6 tiddlers, each about 10-12 cm long. he said he does eat them.





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13 responses to “Nice things happened

  1. Albert Hickson

    So, you’re on the Fondamenta Rossa! Very handy for CSM, and not far from San Nicolo dei Mendicanti.


    • I took the photo of the fisherman on Fondamenta Rossa, but home is really on Fondamenta Foscarini. I report things with a blogger’s licence! How was Denmark?


  2. Oh, Kathleen, I’ll have to go back .. I didn’t think of that angel!


  3. Kathleen

    You up the mountains with the snow, Yvonne?? (If you head out to the Lido on a clear morning, you can see the snow covered mountains framing Venice – beautiful!)

    And don’t forget, you watch out for that angel statue with the black eyes at San Michel!!

    Loving your Venetian snippets, thank you!!


  4. Hi, everyone. The snow is just a memory now, there’s none here in Venezia. I’ll have to work hard to do the post on yesterday proper justice, but first, off to San Michele to see that cemetery.


  5. Melissa

    Hope you are feeling better, you’re certainly covering a lot of ground, love the pics.

    Liam has a Masquerade Ball to go to tomorrow night…..if only I’d bought one of those fabulous Venetian masks when we were there, damn!


  6. Sounds like a great day full of adventure and surprises, plus a few stories we can’t wait to read! Perhaps Mr. Patience can add a bit (tiddle?) of Venice Wisdom!


  7. Michelle

    Snow! Oh, No!
    Can hardly wait for next installment especially since the temp in Venice should be 23C by the end of the week according to the weather reports. That’s a tad warm for snow.


  8. And, my foot was in that boot, and not at all happy! Especially when I plunged shin deep in the snow. The things I do for my faithful readers. (Thinking of you tomorrow, Barb.)


  9. Barb

    Your boots in snow…oh no, a cliff-hanger! We’re all here waiting to hear more of the story.


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