Doors, but no Jim Morrison

This one surely makes a statement!



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20 responses to “Doors, but no Jim Morrison

  1. I do doors too! Just love them…


  2. Hi, Marie. The pleasure was mine, it was lovely to wander with you and Karen, and to meet Roberto. Those doors are within 5 minutes of one another, in Dorsoduro. I wish I could look so charming with flaking paint! 🙂


  3. Hello Yvonne…wanted to say thank you for a lovely afternoon on Saturday, and tell you I love your door shots! Where did you find all these? Glad you made it to the regatta, too!
    Ciao, Marie


  4. Brian

    Hi there. I can’t wander in and out anymore. I want my site updates all the time!


    • Well, Brian the Bloke, did you subscribe? Then you won’t miss one thrilling episode. I thought of you today as I looked at and puzzled over, paintings in the Civic Museum in Bassano del Grappa. I don’t know if they’re your style, or not.


  5. That last one is such a show-off. 😉 Loving the doors, Yvonne. Hope you’re feeling bright and sparky, bella.


  6. Katina Janakis

    I’m fascinated with the unique styles of European doors. Anna and I take photos also when we are travelling.

    Divertiti bella xox


  7. Barb

    Those doors look familiar. Dorsoduro perhaps? Hope you’re enjoying “my” neighborhood and my very favorite part of Venice 🙂


  8. Darlene

    What is it about doors that makes them so fascinating? When I look back at pictures of my travels, doors feature front and center. I don’t think it’s what might be behind them that intrigues me, it’s the doors themselves.


  9. I LOVE that blue door and the self-made address numbers. Is that creature a pig? Or maybe a rhino?


  10. Andrew

    The last one is opposite the hotel (really a B & B) where we stay!


  11. I’m puzzled with WordPress. I had the doors arranged differently, then they got switched around when I published. Hi-ho, off to the support mob.


  12. Michelle

    Ah, doors! I just love doors!


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