Sunday morning

  I wish I could convey to you the movement, noise, colour, confusion, camaraderie, competition, passion, pathos, triumph, disappointment and even aggression that I saw and felt during a racing regatta on the southern side of Giudecca this morning.
There were races in all types of rowing boats, starting with a hotly contested race for the junior members, rowing as pairs. That’s when I saw some aggression as two mammas came near to trading blows over an alleged infraction of rules. One of these mammas had her poor son in tears as she harangued him about losing the race! Mamma mia.
Then, there were races featuring teams of 4 women, older junior members and then the six person racing caorlina boats .. the stars of the show. It’s supposed to be 6 men, but some teams had to resort to recruiting women! 

This is the race that lead to heated words between two mothers

This was the most senior team, they seemed quite relaxed about the whole thing!

A forcola (oar lock). They are like works of art

Heading for the starting line

As I walked back to a vaporetto stop to return to Dorsoduro, I was lucky to pass a church just as a couple emerged who were celebrating their 25th anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony and a gondola voyage back to a reception in San Marco. Confetti and cheers filled the air as they emerged from the church.

Silver anniversary

I wonder if they could afford this 25 years ago?



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18 responses to “Sunday morning

  1. Hi, Jeannette .. that would have been so colourful!


  2. aww how romantic renewing their vows…..
    I saw a race once, tshirts matched the boats!
    very exciting 🙂


  3. lynda

    Great post Yvonne – I’m just surprised you didn’t hitch a ride in one of those boats! Loved your description and photos! Where was the anniversary couple from – I can just picture you with your big smile stopping to chat with them (hence how you found out it was a 25th)…


    • Tell you what, Lynda, those mammas scared me!

      One of the lady rowers is the woman who will TRY to teach me how to row. Her boat is so pretty .. I’ll post photos when I have my lesson(s). Can someone with dyslexia learn this skill .. I’ll let you know!


  4. Melissa

    Wow, Yvonne, what wonderful experiences you are enjoying. Loving your blog. Everything is pretty quiet here in Oz weather wise, at least for the moment. Hopefully the natural disasters have gone for now….. here, in Australia, and around the world.

    M x


  5. Yvonne, Great “coverage” of a special Venetian event that few of us will be fortunate enough to see. Your “human interest” angle on the anniversary couple is very sweet and priceless! Thank you!


  6. Kathie

    Thx for sharing your wonderful experience. Venice is full of such wonderful memories, and now you have another:-)))


    • Hi, Kathie. You are so right, it’s the every day, unexpected, stumble-upon things that make good memories for us. I absolutely cherish my morning experience. I have some videos, with the sounds, including the duelling mammas. 🙂


  7. Michelle

    Ah what the people who are only day trippers miss out on! I’m saving every penny, dollar and euro to be able to do my month in 2012. Your blog is proof possitive that it is worth it.


    • That’s for sure Michelle. Argh, sunny downtown Atherton doesn’t have this stuff! 🙂


    • Barb

      I loved your descriptive words of the regatta. Two years ago we were delighted when our Spring trip coincided with the Vogalonga. We loved it!
      While I am definitely not a sports fan, I quickly got caught up in all the enthusiasm and fun and I found myself there on the Accademia Bridge, cheering “Bravo” or “Brava” as if I knew each and every participant that passed under with their upraised oars. Thanks, Yvonne, for reviving another great Venice memory!


  8. jessybobss

    Wonderful Yvonne !!! so glad you are feeling better .. (()) and ditto Pat Xxx


  9. Pat

    Yvonne, it’s so wonderful to spend so much time in Venice and see all these things that most tourists don’t. Wonderful photos. And so happy you are feeling well enough now to enjoy it all.


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