A love story, but a sad ending

Along the side and front of the Doge’s palace, you will notice columns adorned with carved capitals. Each of the capitals tells a different story. It can be an illustration of the Seven Deadly Sins, or the Houses of the Planets, for instance.

A general view of a portion of the columns and capitals


The story begins. Boy meets girl.

Boy courts girl. (This is an old fashioned story!)

Boy proposes to girl. I think she accepts!

Woot! It's a wedding.

Here they are on their honeymoon .....

Aww! A baby boy

He's growing up to be a fine son

I warned you there was a sad ending. Their lovely son has died.


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11 responses to “A love story, but a sad ending

  1. jessybobss

    I knew about these as Yvonne pointed them out to me on my last visit with her …… love the ice cream one !! yvonne did you get a pic of that ! xxxxx


  2. I guess I have to make another trip to Venice…I wish someone would have pointed out the columns to me….Love the story. Even though it has a sad ending..


  3. Michelle

    Don’t you just love being in Venice and bumping into folks you know that you aren’t traveling with???!!! Makes it like being a local.


  4. I didn’t know about this , ty !


  5. I love those capitals, they’re so interesting.

    I bumped into Karen at the new Prix grocery store, she had bought some dark chocolate for himself. I also bumped into himself at the squero in San Trovaso, with a couple of tourists, yesterday.


  6. Michelle

    This column is pictured in my first trip in 2008….Mike Henderson took me there on our photo tour to make sure I saw it.
    Today (March 24) is Mike’s birthday.
    Remember he celebrated with us at my apartment last year, Yvonne.


  7. I have to get into the museum to see some of the original columns. Hmm, it feels like the floor is trembling .. too many earthquake stories on TV these days?????


  8. Darlene

    So many sad endings, but their story lives on to enchant us all.


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