The things I do for you!

I am aware I’ve been remiss with posts for those of you who need your Venice fixes. This afternoon I was feeling somewhat better, so I bundled up and walked to Campo Santa Margherita. Once there, I thought a spritz might be what a good doctor would order, and it did taste nice.

Then, I noticed one of those mad celebrations for someone who had passed her University exams, and is now entitled to be called Dottore. She graciously allowed her photo to be taken by a lady from Australia. She’ll have a big headache tomorrow. Auguri!




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10 responses to “The things I do for you!

  1. Hi, everyone

    Maxine, I wish your trip could go on for just a little longer. Hope all is well at home.

    Looking out the window, I see blue skies and sunshine. It was cool yesterday, but that lovely crisp feeling.

    Have good days, all of you. xxxx


  2. Michelle

    Just like last year at this time…you are predicted to have glorious sunshine this week according to the weather report…all the way up to 19 by Friday.
    Enjoy the sunshine.


  3. Brian

    I did something smart today. I sat down with a glass of wine and caught up on your blog. Yea! Are you sure you can’t stay a bit longer? I’ll be arriving there the last day of May.


  4. Michelle

    Boo hoo!!!!!!! A year ago I was at Seatac waiting to board my flight to Venice.
    But I’m so glad you are better dear one. Just don’t overdo.
    Love you,


  5. jessybobss

    Glad you are feeling better Yvonne ! thought you had not been around for a few days …. great pics too …

    Aww Max .. you are heading home …safe travels and sweet dreams of Italy xx


  6. Those “education” celebrations are great fun to observe! I think the last one we saw was sort of a “toga party” and parade in the campo ;^)
    Glad you’re feeling better, my friend!


  7. glad to hear you’re feeling a little better….going home tomorrow…Can’t believe it’s over…Verona seems so far away….


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