Something different

Spotted on the Grand Canal, a different form of independent travel!

Looks like fun


So, I bought this vegetable, now what in heck do I do with it? Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.

I had varying advice at the fruit and vegetable stall. 3 ladies, 3 ideas!




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15 responses to “Something different

  1. Those look like “bruscandoli”, and they work great for risotto too, or as the base for a frittata.


    • Sure nothing like this back in my home in Australia! Someone else mentioned using them in risotto. Today, I noticed they have vanished from the stalls .. short season, it seems.


      • Mondays are always a bit of an off day at the market stands I find. The season shouldn’t be over yet. If I’m not mistaken (but I’m not much of a veggie or plant expert) they should be something like “hops shoots” (young hops grain plants) like they end up using in beer, once the plant matures.


  2. Yes, Barb, I’ve been in Dorsoduro a week now. Lovely neighbourhood!

    PS I didn’t pay much for the weeds! 🙂


  3. Darlene

    Give it to the first cow you see.


    • LOL! There don’t seem to be many cows here in Venice!


      • Barb

        I am sure it will be very tasty and judging by the dark green color, very healthy….BUT, it does look a bit like some of the young weeds I pull out of my flower bed! Looking forward to hearing a full review of the preparation and the taste.
        Hope you’re on the mend and feeling better. Have you changed apartments yet?


  4. Michelle

    Marsh grass from the lagoon? Is that what that is? Did you buy it just to take its picture? I would have no idea what to do with it not know its name so I could look it up in a cookbook.
    One year ago today I stepped out the doors of the Venice airport into the warm embrace of Yvonne!


  5. Lynda

    If you’re thinking of cooking, you must be on the mend! I’m just catching up on your latest wonderful posts.. Wow, you must have been really sick, I’m so sorry to hear that. That graveyard looked so interesting….was that your first time visiting?
    Burano, Burano, is it still so pretty?


    • Hi, Lynda. Yes, Burano is still gorgeous. I had been to the cemetery before, a couple of years ago. I have this kinky love for graveyards! I sauteed some of the green stuff with oil and garlic as part of a sauce for pasta. Another woman said “butter and garlic’, and another ” oil and lemon”


  6. Some fellow with floating devices and peddling like crazy on a bike! He was like the Road Runner!

    I’ll try the aglio e olio .. also one of the 3 suggestions.


  7. Mary

    And just how fast would you have to peddle to get out of the way of a vaporetto on that thing?


  8. 1st what is it? 2nd you probably can saute it in oil and garlic….


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