A trip to Mazzorbo and Burano

On Friday, Cinzia and I went to Burano. It was a lovely mild day. We stopped at Mazzorbo, and thanks to a nice man we had met on the vaporetto, we gained entry to Chiesa Santa Catherine, which is under repair. A young man was describing the history and art of this church to a group of Italian visitors, and we were able to listen and learn!

On the way from the church, we walked past the cemetery and noticed this very interesting sculpture of the Madonna and Child:

We were both quite taken with this grave stone:

It was our day to spot Madonnas. Just before we reached the bridge from Mazzorbo to Burano, we saw this:

As we walked around in Burano, we were offered a free prosecco by a couple of young men who were moving their wine dispenser to a store room. It tasted very good!

Cin, cin, Cinzia!

There were so many Italian tourists enjoying their long weekend thanks to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

We ate at al Gatta Nero .. highly recommended. We shared a tasty grilled fish, and then had delicious desserts. A 6 year old girl at the next table kindly took this photo for us.

Cin, cin, Cinzia again!

And, here is il Gatto Nero:

And, finally, il gatto grasso:

Fat Cat



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11 responses to “A trip to Mazzorbo and Burano

  1. Il y avait bien un chat noir, le même que le roux ci-dessus, devant la trattoria autrefois, je l’ai photographié…


  2. Be still my heart….Madonnas and cats, two of my favorite things! This looks like a fun day in the lagoon.


  3. Cinzia wants to talk Johnny into retiring in Mazzorbo. It was good to have her here, made me get out and about a little.


  4. Michelle

    Il Gatto Grosso doesn’t look all that fat to me but then maybe I had to be there (wished I was).
    Al Gatto Nero is getting a lot of publicity since Tony ate there (Anthony Bourdain) on his Venice show.
    Looks like you had a lovely time even if not feeling so well. Hope you are much better.
    Lili sends purrs.


  5. Kathleen

    Lovely pictures of both of you – looking good, ladies!!

    I always get off at Mazzorbo, I like the walk round to Burano. And I’ve yet to have lunch at the Black Cat – one day, hopefully.



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