My apologies to you, and to Split Enz

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting for the last couple of days, but I have been feeling unwell. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I’ll try to catch up from now on.

So, here we go with some photos showing my favorite colour. They were all taken within 5 minutes, while I was waiting in Campo San Barnaba for my landlady.

And, the nod to Split Enz:

When my baby’s walking down the street
I see red, I see red, I see red.
How could someone wicked walk around free
I see red, I see red, I see red.
I see red, I see red (red!), I see red.

March 17 marked 150 years since Italian unification. Most Venetians were underwhelmed by the occasion!




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22 responses to “My apologies to you, and to Split Enz

  1. Hi, Louise, Pete, Fletcher and Weaver (and unnamed goldfish!)

    I haven’t had even one brioche .. maybe today is the day? Yesterday, the campo was full of university laureates, having a mad time.


  2. Louise

    Hi Yvonne, these are photo’s of “our” campo! You lucky thing. Are you addicted to the brioche in Ai Artisti? Say hi to the girls for us 🙂 – but don’t mention us to the ponses on the pugni.
    Hurry up and get well….


  3. Michelle

    Ah, dear friend, hope whatever you and the pharmacist adjusted puts you back on top of your world.
    The weather there is supposed to be fabulous this week (remember I brought good weather last year)…up to 20 (70ish) by Friday. That should help too. Get plenty of rest and that lovely Venetian sunshine.
    Healing prayers are coming your way.
    Me and Lili


  4. Norma Watson

    Read all your blogs and am sorry you are feeling so terrible. Nurse – heal thyself! Paul had his kidnew removed Feb.21 and is still recuperating. Not always a good patient but…men!


  5. The pharmacist just shook her head when she read my hospital history, looked at me and saw what he had prescribed. So, we made a few little adjustments!


  6. Barb

    Hope today finds you feeling much better, Yvonne. I’ve had excellent service from a pharmacia not too far from St. Mark’s. They quickly renewed my blood pressure meds and during another visit prescribed some much needed antibiotics. And, they were much much cheaper than here in the U.S. I probably can find the address if you need it.


    • I had a vacation experience with a difference today, at the Emergency department of the hospital. I’ll report when I feel better. I struck a grumpy doctor, but , oh well …


      • Barb

        Well, darn!! The words “Emergency department of the hospital” indicates that you are not feeling better today. And while it sounds like the doctor was lacking any bedside manners, I hope he was able to prescribe something that will get you on the fast road to recovery.
        Sending hugs and prayers,


  7. melissa

    Hey Yvonne,
    Hope you feel much better soon, remember you weren’t well this time last year. Again, I think it is the drastic change in temperature.

    Ha, Split Enz, the very first concert I ever went to at the age of 15!

    Great photos, get well soon.

    Love M xoxoxoxxo


  8. AliDa

    So now I’m listening to ‘ I See Red’ on youtube!!


  9. Oh Yvonne, that’s ratty!! I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Curse whatever pox ails you ~ I hope the pharmacia has something herbal to help you. Take good care, bella. x


  10. jessybobss

    Ohh get well soon Yvonne .. hope Cinzia had a great time, so sad has everyone gone home ? Well not to worry .. Barb will be there soon right ? give you chance to recharge those duracells xxxx


  11. Michelle

    Ciao, Bella,
    I thought maybe you were either sick or your interet connection was. I too was missing my daily fix of Yvonne (not to mention Venice.
    Praying you are much better.
    Love and prayers from Me and Lili(who thinks she can fly….or has morphed into a leaping lemur)


    • Tell little Ms Lili I have a photo to post in the next few days of a rather large cat in Burano. At first, I thought it was a stuffed toy .. stuffed, yes, toy, no.

      Pray harder, I feel awful!


      • Michelle

        Honest, I didn’t send those virus germs through the email. With mine I felt totally rotten for about five full days…and I was lying around at home…not trying to visit and wander around my favorite city. It truly sucks to be sick when traveling. Take good care…visit the pharmacia..they can probably recommend something local (beside a nice spritz) to make you feel better.
        Wish I had a video of the flying leap Lili did the other night. Since you have been here you have a fair idea of the distance….she leapt into the air from the table by the window and made a curving arc onto the pillow at my feet (by my chair) to attack her laser light…probably a good 8-10 feet. I laughed so hard.
        She is awaiting the picture of “gatto grosso”.


  12. Hi, Silkie. Well, I don’t have a literal voice .. I’ve been struck dumb by whatever is hitching a ride in my body. I had a great time with Cinzia, anyhow, and it was so nice to see Maxine and Tom.


  13. Hey, I was getting worried about you. It is good to “hear your voice”!


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