Odds and ends

I was walking along a fondamenta in Dorsoduro, idly wondering about the function of the holes in the wall on the canal side, and found the answer. Very clever, these Venetians.

So, a wooden dowel with a rope attached


And, sort of like "The hip bone's attached to the thigh bone", the rope is attached to a boat.

I really wouldn’t mind living in this tiny house near the Accademia Bridge.

And, I would get a pretty door handle like this one.



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16 responses to “Odds and ends

  1. I’m pea green with envy over that striking door knob 😉


  2. Shell, if you’re looking for simple, I’m your woman! I haven’t seen Johnnnny yet! 🙂


  3. Simple ideas are so often the best ones ~ I’m glad to know more about the functionality of those holes. As for the little house and beautiful door knob, your good taste is showing {per usual}.


  4. Barb, door handles would be a great thread to follow. I’ve got Secret Venice with me, but haven’t used it yet! Cinzia arrived today, Maxine and Tome leave for Florence tomorrow.

    29 days is wonderful!


  5. Hmm, can’t see me being in the B&B business, my guests would surely lose weight!

    Bert, the red is a big conspiracy against you, don’t you know? I heard the students at work on their music .. not one sour note, that I could hear.

    Lynda, this time last year, you were getting ready for the big adventure!


    • Barb

      I’m sure now that you discovered that lovely door handle, you will (if you haven’t already) notice unique ones everywhere. I’ve been trying to “collect” through photographs, all the many different ones I’ve seen through the years.
      Are you working your way through Secret Venice? I’m bringing my copy but don’t think I’ll get through the book in 4 weeks! 29 days!!


  6. That tiny house! If there is another one like that, I’ll take it. I agree with everyone who has said you’re a great observer. You’re really giving me a new appreciation of Venice.


  7. Michelle

    Oh, yes, Yvonne…the house is perfect for you…you can do B&B for all of us…probably not at te same time though….looks kinda small.


  8. Albert Hickson

    Does your eye stray to that red fire hydrant on the left edge of the picture too? Why do they need to be red? Just because everything connected with fire safety is red is no excuse.
    That’s the Palazzo Pisani past the arch on the left, now the Venice Music Conservatory.


  9. jessybobss

    Oh Yes Yvonne I love that little house too, so cute x


  10. lynda

    I second the comment about Yvonne being a great observer – what she doesn’t see the first time walking along a fondamenta, she’ll sure not miss the second time passing by. I’m forever grateful for last year’s 2 weeks of strolling/walking/running with Yvonne….

    That’s a gorgeous picture Yvonne – I can see you in that little house.


  11. To be honest, I thought they were for just that purpose .. draining water. So, I was surprised to see another use. Hmm, which is the initial purpose, do you think?

    (Had a nice spritz in a local bar tonight.)


  12. Love the “multi-tasking” purposees of the “hole in the wall” – also drains the walled-in Fondamente! You are a great observer, adding much to understanding of Venice, Thank you!


  13. Yup, bring your own Brasso for that door knob! 😉


  14. Darlene

    Can I come live with you?


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