Mucking around in boats

First, you have to bail out some water


This work boat was pumping out someone's septic tank! Now, that's mucking about, for sure


Now, this is more like it!


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6 responses to “Mucking around in boats

  1. Michelle, the woman with whom I’m going to take a couple of rowing lessons , taught those 2 lady rowers!

    Giannetta “come along with me, the best is yet to be” once it stops raining and I stop coughing! Cinzia arrives tomorrow.

    Bert, I don’t want you to get all big headed! 🙂


  2. Albert Hickson

    Waddya mean, “could be”?


  3. wow I sure love this blog of yours even more, now I can to be kinda in Venice with you.

    keep it coming 🙂


  4. They looked so graceful, Michelle.
    Bert, you could be right! I was on my way to see the folks at Diana.


  5. Albert Hickson

    The second pic is of Rio della Misericordia, from the Ponte de l’Aseo to the Ponte dei Servi.
    Keep ’em coming!


  6. Michelle

    You should have flagged them down for a ride in the last one!


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