Oh, no! They’re here, too

May I refer you back to this post, before you look at the photo. The darn things are everywhere!




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6 responses to “Oh, no! They’re here, too

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  2. I’ll try to get an action shot of me splashing in puddles, Julie. Cinzia arrives that afternoon, hope it’s fine for her stay.


  3. jessybobss

    No rain here Yvonne, but been very dull, last 2 days were lovely. Raining in Rome too I see. Get a pic of those wellies xxx


  4. We just can’t escape good taste, can we?!

    Is it raining in the UK, Julie? It sure is here. I went out and bought some wellies, at least the feet will be dry! Cheers!


  5. jessybobss

    LOL … they were very popular in the UK in the 70’s, I remember my nana have 3 of descending sizes flying across the parlour wall …along with those glass fish on the mantlepiece xx


  6. Michelle

    Years ago I was in a shop that had an even better version…they were the ducks’s bottoms as viewed by fish from below when they were floating on a lake. I like the humor of that one.
    I can think of much better wall decor in Venice than flying ducks…but each to their own.


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