What number do you dial to call an ambulance?


We are all familiar with the look and sound of ambulances in our particular countries.

But, spare a thought for a city that uses its water filled canals for transport, which includes moving people to and from the hospital.

The Civic Hospital in Venice has its Emergency entrance on the northern side of the city, and here you will see ambulance boats waiting for that next call, or pulling up to allow the transfer of a patient into the care of the hospital staff. Discharged patients may also be treated to a ride home in an ambulance with a difference.

Here are a couple of these ambulance boats.

And, this is the clever adaptation of a wheel chair, to suit moving a person into and out of a boat. It reminded me of a wheel barrow, for some reason.



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5 responses to “What number do you dial to call an ambulance?

  1. Melissa

    Wow, couldn’t imagine getting in a boat, in the snow, to go to hopital. But, I suppose, it is just what you get used to. The system must work quite well, I haven’t heard of any major health system complaints in Venice.

    Not like our lack of hospital beds!

    Look forward to seing more photos, I just love seeing what you are seeing.

    M x


  2. Hmm, I won’t test out that pregnant woman stuff, sorry! And they get snow here, too! But, I reckon their health provision in Italy is top notch.


  3. Melissa

    Interesting shots Yvonne!

    I never did get to see a hospital during our visit, I really wanted to but we didn’t get the chance, we did see some ambulances on the water though!

    Wow, I must agree with you, certainly does look like a wheelbarrow to me, lol!

    I just had a thought…..imagine being pregnant and needing to get to the hospital in one of those ordinary looking ambulance boats, then being offloaded in a wheelbarrow – especially in freezing weather.

    How lucky we are in Australia!!

    Loving your photos.

    M x


  4. I smiled when I happened to be at the right place, at the right time, to see that.


  5. Michelle

    It makes me think of Karen going home from the hospital after her surgery.


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