Via Appia Antica: take 2

For some reason, the photo of Maxine’s quilt would just not load into the previous post.

So, let’s give it a solo spot. That’s probably what it wanted all along!

The stunning quilt: Via Appia Antica



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2 responses to “Via Appia Antica: take 2

  1. Hi, woman. It surely is a work of art. (It’s Maxine who does this; you didn’t meet her last year). Her jewellery is special, also.


  2. lynda

    The colours and composition are absolutely stunning – Michelle is so talented!!! How many hours did it take to complete this beautiful work?
    Sure sounds like you’re having a blast…. I shedded a tear when I saw the picture of the train, remembering my special train rides last year. Via Rail could sure learn from the European transit system.


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