To Verona, to see the Via Appia Antica

What’s that, you say? You thought the Via Appia Antica was in Rome? Well, cross my heart, I saw it in Verona. 

My friend, Maxine, is a very talented artist, who counts lovely jewellery and quilting in her skills.

Some time ago, she submitted a quilt to a judging panel, for inclusion in an international show, to be held in Verona. To her delight, hers was chosen.  She and her husband, Tom came over from NY state to keep the quilt company. The subject of her design? The aforementioned Via.

Here  are some photos to share the experience with you.  



The artist and her work


At last, a spritz! Francesco's wife, Laura joined us, too


Our gracious guide, Francesco, explains stuff to Maxine and Tom


On the train to Verona


These boots are made for train travel


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12 responses to “To Verona, to see the Via Appia Antica

  1. Yes, our Maxine is truly an artist.


  2. Love the Maxine photo with her quilt, I remember the day fondly, how she captured it on a quilt baffles me but I’m not an artist


  3. Thank you for noticing my shiny shoes! It’s raining now, so I’m off to buy some practical wellies.

    M and T are coming to Venice for a few days, from today. More spritz on the horizon?


  4. Your shoes are so clean! Maxine’s quilt is gorgeous ~ I suspected she was talented and now I see for myself. I’m glad you, M and Tom all met up in such a lovely fashion.


  5. Michelle

    Personally I can’t see anything wrong with the post…pictures are great and it looks like you are all having a lovely time.


    • Hiya

      What I thought I had, and what appeared are two different entities, Michelle. That’s life in blog-world, eh?

      Hello from Karen, I had a nice stroll with her today.


  6. This post just won’t behave, Maxine! I have edited it about 10 times, and it is still not right. At least you and the quilt are proudly displayed!


  7. It figures, even with a hour & half train ride you got to post out meet up before me. An a lot better too. I think I will just post some pictures and then send everyone here to you blog…..Thank you for the compliments. Yes the quilt is bigger. But then you might have seen the original which was much smaller…


  8. jessybobss

    Fantastic Yvonne !!!! lovely pics looks as if you all had a fantastic time .. where was Mo ?


  9. Kathleen

    Yvonne – I got here!!!

    So glad you’ve met up with Maxine and Tom and all the others. Maxine’s quilt looks beautiful – much bigger than I thought!! I love the picture with Maxine standing beside it – how beautiful!

    Hope you all have a wonderful time



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