In which I get in touch with my inner cook

Anyone who knows me, also knows I’ve gone right off cooking.

But, after my early morning visit to the Rialto market, and a few purchases .. “Look, ma, I’m cooking!” Maybe it was the thrill of being in Venice, maybe it was all the lovely fresh produce, maybe it was the jetlag. Who knows, it was fun, and tasted quite nice. 

The prawn shells and tails went into a pot, to simmer with water, to form a stock to cook the pasta. (Thanks, Lynda, for dragging me to Enrica’s cooking class.)

I had no idea how to open those scallop shells, to release their prize. I  will spare you the gory details.

So, here to tempt you are a few photos of the raw materials, and the finished sauce. I feel so virtuous!

OK, the prawns have been dealt with. How in heck do I open those scallops?


This scallop has been around the block a few times.


Here is the finished sauce, ready to mix with some nice pasta



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17 responses to “In which I get in touch with my inner cook

  1. Shell, the only reason I did know that was because my sister in law, Lynda (see above), encouraged me to a cooking class here. We had a blast, cooked. drank and ate very well.


  2. Cooking pasta in stock ~ doh, why haven’t I tried that before?! Looks scrumptious and not just because I’m hungry.


  3. lynda

    Well, am I impressed!!! You’ve sure come a long way from a sauce made from a tin of tuna and tomatoes, or from a bare pantry and fridge – save for a few olives and a piece of cheese!!!
    That cooking class did you well, didn’t it! Remember I was too squeamish to remove the shimp heads – and you were designated.


  4. jessybobss

    Looks lovely Yvonne ( even from a non sea food eater) …..looking forward to reading all your blogs xxx


  5. Kathleen

    Looks wonderful! And you’re braver than me as I think it’s really hard to open scallops. You need a sturdy knife, slide in by the flat part of the shell, then twist up. You do really need to be careful though as you’ll bend the knife if it isn’t sturdy enough and you always have to be careful it doesn’t slip and cause an injury.

    Looks really lovely, Yvonne.


  6. Hello, all. It’s another reason why renting an apartment can be a good idea.

    Barb, how will we adjust to being back at home, and no wonderful fresh produce like this?

    Sheila, I think even you, oh Master Cook, would have approved.

    Darlene and Melissa .. if this keeps up, I’ll have to do even more walking to even up the energy in and out.

    Alida, how did you know I had one suitcas full of Kraft Dinners? You’re spooky.

    Michelle, I hope I didn’t peak too early … now what will I do for an encore?

    Jude, I don’t know whether stirring for one hour is in me. We shall see. Was the polenta worth it, at the end?


  7. That’s funny. The same thing happened to me in Italy. I brought along “Classic Italian cooking” by Marcella (Hazan??can’t remember her last name) and learned to cook there. There were even hints about how to choose veggies, fish, and meat at the mercato. When it said to stir the polenta for an hour, I did, because I had the time. And I was well rewarded with my efforts!!


  8. Melissa

    Ha, and you told me you weren’t a foodie!! Looks pretty fantastic to me… little Guy Grossi you!


  9. Darlene

    I thought you loved to cook!!!


  10. Michelle

    PS Tony (Bourdain) and Jaime (Oliver)…not to mention Mario would be proud!


  11. Michelle

    I discovered on my first visit to Venice that I cooked (and enjoyed cooking) much more there than I do at home. I love scallops and I wll bet that the nice man (or woman) you bought them from would have been happy to show you how to open them. I’ve never bought fresh ones…usually just order them in restaurants.
    I second the “YUM!”


  12. AliDa

    I guess it’s probably difficult to find Kraft Dinner in Venice. This looks pretty good too…..


  13. Bravo!!! Silkie likes this 😉


  14. Barb

    Yum!!! Not 2 hours ago we were bragging to visiting friends (who’ve never experienced the delight of Venice) just how wonderful the fresh seafood is. Now I have a picture to show them.


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