The Grand Canal as you’ve never seen it

Usually this watery highway is crowded with water craft of all sorts.

Today there was a 24 hour strike of the water buses (vaporetti), and I was able to capture the view from the Rialto Bridge with not one boat of any kind in sight.

Then a transport barge poked its nose into view.

And the spell was broken



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19 responses to “The Grand Canal as you’ve never seen it

  1. Beautiful images. Really makes me want to visit Venezia prontisimo.


  2. Good morning, everyone.

    Brenda, I’ll be in that area tomorrow, so will look at your door, and take a photo of your neighbourhood to send to you.

    Shell, every other macchiato is for you, OK? When I get to the prosecco, same deal.

    Barb, what a funny experience with the German gent!

    Darlene, that is terrifying to know how far reaching the power of the tsunami was. Remember when it wasn’t a word in our vocabulary?


  3. Darlene

    Oh, my, everything looks so different without the boats.
    Speaking of boats, the ones here off shore in Mexico were tossed about yesterday with the waves from Japan. The water receeded a long way and then came back into shore – not big, but evidence that the earthquake had far reaching affects. I read that the earth’s axis has changed by 8 cm.


  4. Barb

    Loved those photos, Yvonne. We’ve experienced 2 or 3 strikes during our visits. During our 2nd visit to Venice, we were waiting at the vaporetto stop when we were approached by a very nice elderly German gentleman. He engaged us in a very animated conversation. However, he spoke no English, we spoke no German, and none of us spoke Italian. We thought he wanted to know how and where to go on the vaporetto, when in fact he was trying to tell us there was a temporary strike which would conclude at the end of the working day. There were many hand gestures, facial expressions, and attempts at Italian before we finally understood what he was trying to tell us. It’s another of my favorite Venice memories. But then again, I guess all my Venice memories are “favorites!” 34 more days!


  5. So strikes sometimes do have silver linings ~ if it had to happen, then I’m glad you were there to capture a rare sight, bella! ! And one for sore eyes at that. 🙂 Have a couple of those macchiatos for me ~ I’ll take the caffeine hit for you. Just remember the proseccos as well. Wishing you a beautiful day.


  6. Brenda

    Hi Yvonne, Your pics from the Rialto Bridge are beautiful, makes Venice look quiet mysterious. Address is Calle delle Pignate 1921, think it is off Campiello De Lanconeta. Expecting something very basic, but if you are in the area again, your thoughts would be helpful. Hope it is not too far from San Marcuola stop. Have fun.


  7. Hi, Melissa, you’re right it was cool and misty, but better than relentless rain, like not so sunny Atherton.

    Kat, I’ll be drinking a bath tub full of macchiato, but I had better watch that sweet stuff. Trouble is, the aromas entice you into the patisserie, don’t they!

    Hello, Ironwoman, you did mean the city looked ancient, not the photographer?? (Remember the will!)


  8. AliDa

    Your photos are gorgeous – so misty, calm and….ancient.
    Love from Ironwoman.


  9. Katina Janakis

    Ciao bella,

    How peaceful does the canal look!!! Its beautiful…
    Gosh, Yvonne, how frustrating for the people??!!

    Saturday morning here downunder, having my coffee, but thinking your macchiato and sweet stuff was much nicer than what I’m having now!

    Look forward to more photos amica xoxox


  10. Melissa

    Hi Yvonne,

    Looks wonderful. Is it very cold, I noticed the fog in one of the photos? I remember it was very cold when you were there last year, then it warmed up.

    I look forward to seeing lots and lots of photos!

    M x


  11. jgk

    Beautiful shots.
    I’m looking forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the Venice lovers.


    • Hi, jgk, I am very happy to share this special place with all her other lovers! In the first day, I saw so many things that I wanted to tell people about. Thank goodness for digital cameras, and the internet! Ciao.


  12. The Italians seem to be quite civilized with their strikes. The vaporetti were running during peak times for workers, and were incredibly crowded at those times. And, I didn’t get one photo of that! The vaporetti to the islands also ran to schedule.


  13. Michelle

    Ciao, Bella,
    What a wonderful sight!
    Of course it is not wonderful for all the people who depend on the vaporetti to get to and from work etc.
    I have memories of being on a vaporetto at about 9pm on a foggy night and there was no other traffic on the Grand Canal and I thought that was special. You are having quite an experience.
    I can’t believe people who say they get bored there!
    Michelle and Lili(who sends purrs to the Venetian kitties)


  14. Beautiful! Fantastic pictures. I actually exclaimed “wow” aloud at my computer. I’m looking forward to more of your posts from Venice, I’m starting to think I need to give it another visit.


    • Hi, Erin. Welcome to my blog.

      I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the canal from the Rialto Bridge this morning. Yes, you should come back, and at a quiet time of the year!


  15. Aha! Now I’ll have to go and look again, Sheila. I couldn’t believe how quiet the canal was, quite unusual.


  16. The red awning in your first picture is the hotel Al Ponte Antico, the sister property pof the Locanda Orseolo! What beautiful views of the canal, so peaceful!


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