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14 responses to “Arrivederci

  1. Annie, there’s no happy like Venice happy, is there?! I saw the tiniest church in Castello, near Fondamenta Nove. When my brain has caught up with the rest of me, I’ll go back to see what in heck I saw!


  2. So glad you’re there. Have a wonderful time!


  3. Yvonne

    Hi, melissa. I am so contenet to be here, and will soon be reporting on my blog. Ciao.


    • Melissa

      Great to hear that you have arrived in Venice! So Jealous, have a fantastic time, look forward to reading about your exploits.

      M xoxo


  4. Melissa

    Hey Yvonne, so nice to hear that you are well and getting closer to your destination…..beautiful Venice! Looking forward to hearing about all the fun you plan to get up to! You lucky,lucky duck.


  5. Darlene, you know I’m kinda blind without my ocular prostheses, so they were on my face. Toothbrush, credit card.. all’s right with the world.

    Hi, Louise and the rest of the mob! I had to scrape some mould off, but, she’ll be right, mate!

    Keep counting, Barb, it won’t be long. I’ll leave some wine and spritz for you, promise.

    I’m in Hong Kong airport, waiting for the next leg, eating a yummy baked mushroom dip, sipping some Italian red.



  6. Louise

    Go Yvonne! oh you lucky lucky thing!!!!! So glad you got away with dry feet! However, you might need some gummies while you’re there. Oh Venice….. I miss you, but Yvonne’s on the way….


    • Barb

      Too late to say “Arriverderci” so I will say “Buongiorno, Yvonne!” Now you can wander up and down those calles, up and over those bridges, with a huge smile on your face thinking, “I’M BACK!” Let the happiness begin!!


  7. Darlene

    Hope you remembered your eye glasses and your toothbrush.
    Bon voyage!


  8. Buongiorno, tutti!

    Maxine, you must be on your way by now. See you on Saturday, for sure.

    Sheila, Randy and Michelle, your wishes will send me happly on my way. Randy, if I cut down on non=essentials, like food, that 76 euro should stretch to quite afew spritz, standing at the bar. 🙂


  9. Michelle

    Buon Viaggio, cara!!!!!


  10. See you Saturday…..Buon Viaggio mi amica


  11. Bon voyage! Umm. I don’t think the 76 Euro will get too many spritz!


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