You can’t have everything

I have a number of Golden Penda trees in my yard, and they are absolutely laden with flower buds. The branches are bent from this heavy burden.

This will surely attract the honey-eaters and butterflies

I’m going to miss this display of glory because I won’t be at home.

Here's a tiny preview of these pretty native blossoms

I hope my hero will send me some photos of them.



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4 responses to “You can’t have everything

  1. Brenda

    Am so, so, happy that you left home a day early. Can’t wait for news from Venice. Am now counting down until my departure. All the best.


    • I am just so happy to be here. The weather is cool, but sunny. What is your apartment address again? I was in Cannaregio yesterday, and probably walked past it. Cheers.


  2. I think this burst of blossoms has something to do with our recent cyclone. The same sort of thing happened after a previous cyclone. Nature is rather awesome.


  3. Michelle

    Ah, life is trade offs. There’s always next year to enjoy your blossoms.
    Glad you decided to head to the airport a day early. I always find I’m much less anxious waiting in the departure lounge than I am waiting for that shuttle to arrive at home.
    Buon Viaggio, Cara!


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