Cedric gets his way again

Cedric woke up very lethargic and whiny this morning. I took his temperature (via the exhaust pipe). It was normal. His windscreen wipers weren’t floppy, and all other vital signs seemed within normal range. I was about to draw some of his bodily fluids for closer checking, when I noticed a hand drawn sign on a power post in Cedric’s line of vision. Aha! He wanted one of those.

I didn't even know Cedric could read

It seemed a small price to get my sort-of-happy Cedric back again.

Here he is, waiting his turn. It’s those lovely young people from the James’ Franchises again, doing their bit to help the people who are going through rough times right now, due to the floods and cyclone.

And, here is one of the artists who painted the signs. He’s mini-Mark, aka Austin.



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6 responses to “Cedric gets his way again

  1. Stop that, Darlene. Remember … the will!?


  2. Oh, please don’t encourage him, Darlene. He’s already on the verge of insufferable. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Darlene

    Well, since you’re abandonning him to flit off to Venice, it seems to me a bit of pampering is in order. I stand firmly on Cedric’s side.


  4. He’s getting a bit too big for his britches. He could be replaced by a PT Cruiser. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. AliDa

    Cedric is too funny!!


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