Variety Club Youth Choir Flash Mob ‘I am Australian’

On Saturday just gone, at Karrinyup Shopping Centre (Western Australia) the Variety Club Youth Choir organized a FLASH MOB where they all were incognito in the Food Hall, and started standing up in groups singing “We are Australians”

I wish this was our national anthem.



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6 responses to “Variety Club Youth Choir Flash Mob ‘I am Australian’

  1. Good morning Bert, Jude, Maxine, Darlene and Barb. My Hero, Mark, who helped transform my yard, sent it to me.

    I’m so gratified you all liked it, and were moved by it. And, wouldn’t it be fun to take part in something like this, either as a performer or spectator?


  2. Barb

    Thank you, Yvonne. What a wonderful song! I watched it with tears in my eyes.


  3. Darlene

    Brought tears to my eyes!


  4. Love it so much I posted it on my blog……thanks for sharing


  5. Very lovely! What a great uniting song!

    I saw a YouTube like this last year of an opera company at the mercato near my apartment in Florence. They were disguised as workers and they suddenly started singing. It was fun to see the surprised reactions from the people around.


  6. Albert Hickson

    Lovely! Brought several tears to my eyes.


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