You may as well get used to it

In 9 days I’ll be on my way to Venice .. rain and flooded roads permitting.

As you may appreciate, I’ll be bombarding you with photos and snippets of my time in that wonderful city. So, you’ve been warned.

Now, here are a few photos to test your patience. (If you let the mouse hover over the photos, you’ll see the captions.)


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16 responses to “You may as well get used to it

  1. Have a wonderful trip!
    I can’t wait to go back… just don’t know when…


  2. I’ll do my best to give you one heck of a good trip!


  3. AliDa

    All your photos are wonderful Yvonne, but the Venice ones are a bit special aren’t they? Rick and I can’t wait to travel vicariously through you!


  4. So far, so good, Darnit.

    Julie, that darn Italy has so many surprises around each corner. I hope you get to Venice one day.


  5. Julie

    Can’t wait for the bombardment to begin! Dying to make it to Venice, furthest north in Italy I traveled to was Florence.


  6. Darlene

    How are the roads looking for getting to the airport??


  7. So, I’m stoking a few fires of longing, perchance?


  8. Michelle

    And I remember that October day in 2008 when I first saw that view out the window of the plane and burst into tears.
    Then leaving to come home I got the perfect view of the “Fish” that is Venice. Didn’t have the camera handy…maybe next time.


  9. Michelle

    Big, big SIGH!!!!
    Wish I was there too.


  10. Hi, Louise

    Nope, still raining! Well, we just can’t control the weather, can we? I’ll do my best to represent you in Venice. I’m going to run/walk/stroll in the Su e Zo per i ponti, in April. I’ll have a little Aussie flag to show the colours for Oz!


  11. Louise

    Is it clearing up there? You better be able to leave. You lucky thing 🙂


  12. sheila

    You must be getting so excited!! are you packed, yet?


  13. Isn’t it hard not to get too excited, too early! To see Maxine’s quilt in Verona is going to be so special. 🙂


  14. Katina Janakis

    It’s nearly time:-)


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