A walk on the wild side

In order to get to my mailbox, I have to walk along the path which wends its way between some of the trees and shrubs in my front yard.

Recently, and particularly since Cyclone Yasi went through, there has been some spice and adventure added to the short walk.

I first became aware that I was not alone on the trek when I got a face full of spider web one morning. This caused a rapid retreat, to brush the stuff from my face and hair, along with educated exclamations, such as “Ugh” and “Oof”.

If you happen to pass my place as I warily approach the mail box, you’ll be entertained by the sight of a woman in a semi-crouch, waving a broom stick in front of her rather in the manner of Shogun brandishing a samurai sword.

Roll on, winter.

They're stronger than they look

How do those little critters create these webs?

Here is one of the Master builders



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7 responses to “A walk on the wild side

  1. I loathe spiders but your third photo is stunning. It looks like it should belong in a magazine! I still remember one weekend in Costa Rica seeing an actual tarantula and how I remained paralyzed for the minute it ambled on by me in the distance. But I do agree that’s amazing how they can craft such amazing webs.


  2. I think it’s the unexpectedness of the webs clinging to one’s anatomy! Mind you, the sight of a Huntsman spider sends big shivers down my spine, leaving me spineless! I think you might have them in Arizona, too.


  3. I feel your pain! I hate spiders! At least where we live now, we have no officially “venomous” spiders (hallelujah), unlike our previous area which had both black widows and brown recluse. Someday, we’ll be back with black widows and brown recluse. Nasty! At least black widow webs are easily identified – no symmetry, very Dadaist.


  4. Hmm, the Spider Lady, not the Cat Lady, Michelle?

    That was a small spider, Darlene. (I;m not making that up, of course.)


  5. Darlene

    All you said was Ohh and Ugh!!!!
    Those webs are huge. What do you guys feed your spiders?


  6. Michelle

    Ah, like my deck in the summer. I actually name the spiders and talk to them. But then you knew I was a little crazy…okay, more than a little.


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