A poem lovely as a …

At the top of my driveway is a large white cedar tree. It is deciduous, and leaves a big, fat mess for months in the autumn.

But, in the spring, when the tender green buds start emerging against the vibrant blue sky, I  always forgive it for the work it has created.

By early summer, it is sporting a dense canopy which shelters birds of all kinds. The kookaburras delight in sitting in it and starting their merry cacophony at around 5 am .. this is not my idea of peace on earth!

Just days before Yasi


Poor old cedar tree, you did cop an unscheduled  pruning, courtesy of Cyclone Yasi.

Now, I’ll have to wait for next spring to see if this old tree can regain some of her previous glory.


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6 responses to “A poem lovely as a …

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. It’s rather ugly now. 😦


  2. Yasi did quite a pruning to that lovely tree….hoping for a most lover-ly recovery of the beautiful tree


  3. Wonderful! Give my best to your tree!


  4. Hello, GAWBH , it was wow indeed.


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