Just kidding

When I look out my front windows I am treated to a view, in the distance, of a low range of mountains. It is a pleasure to watch the play of light on these hills, and to watch storm clouds develop there and move toward my home.

When I lower my gaze, I see the rusty roof  of an unoccupied house.  A friend uses the adjoining property to keep his small menagerie of animals: a cow and her offspring which now towers over her, some ducks, chooks and a nanny goat, a billy goat and their kid, who must be a genetic throwback, resembling neither of his parents. There are a few more goats, also.

Just after the kid was born, a dingo female and her pups were seen, very near where Lindsay’s animals have their territory. He ensured that they were securely locked away each night, until the council workers were able to trap the dingoes and remove them from the area.

It’s been fun to see the kid grow so quickly from knee high to a grasshopper to a strapping young fellow.

Meet some of the mob …

The mother, the kid and the father. Another goat and the cow are seen in the background. The house does need some serious attention!

The child and a relative.



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2 responses to “Just kidding

  1. What a neat view, much better than my own! Although the house is definitely one that time forgot, much in need of some TLC.


    • I’m really lucky with the view from the front windows. Today, the mountains are totally obscured by rain clouds. There are quite a number of houses in my town that need more than just a lick and promise. I often wonder what tales they could tell.


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