The back of my house had stayed its drab old cream colour, until one day, I happened to see a Mondrian painting on the internet.

Allora! Inspiration.

So, join me on the journey from “bleh” to “bright.”

In the beginning .... Oh, and there's the Sissy Car, too. He always has to get in the act.

Starting the transformation

Paint job finished. But, something is missing.

Aha! Back to Christina for help making some slumped, stained glass panels.

I really like the back of my house now.

There’s another blank wall along one side. Maybe inspiration will strike again one day.



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11 responses to “Transformation

  1. And, it didn’t even need any scaffolding, Annie. 🙂


  2. Kerry Knight

    Love it, but I think you need more leadlight! Come back!!!!!


  3. That would have looked neat, Darnit!


  4. Darlene

    I was once inspired to knit a sweater a la Mondrian. Wasn’t as wonderfully colorful as your house, though.


  5. Katina Janakis

    I love it Yvonne!! Definitely a stunning transformation.
    I think we will use our talents for our house in Italy eh???
    Brava xxxxxx


    • Yeeesssss!!!! Hurry up and buy that place, while I can still climb a ladder. On second thought, sitting, doing the wine tasting is another good option. Have a great day. xxx


  6. Barb, I have some ideas …

    Michelle, it’s very cheery!


  7. Michelle

    Ah, such a charming color combination to come home to….


  8. Barb

    I really like the back of your house also!! I envy your artistic talents. I bet you could cheer up my drab gray New England salt-box house!


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